Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Perceptron: Face-tracking “Earables,” analog A.I. chips, and accelerators for accelerating particles

The field of research in machine learning, as well as A.I., which is now a significant technology for almost every business and industry, is...

Xiaomi announces Cyber One humanoid bionic robot

Cyber One from Xiaomi Cyber One joins the company's Cyber Dog Robot, which was first revealed the year before. Cyber One is quite interesting. It comes with legs and arms, as well as it can support bipedal-motion posture-balancing.

MIT robotics engineers are accelerating robot learning across the board

MIT engineers have come up with a general code tool to optimise Robot learning. They're calling it an "automated recipe for success," one that...

Your next off-road e-bike should be a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson's most recent design isn't anything like the Chopper that it's known for but is an all-terrain, single-speed electronic bicycle. The BASH/MTN is...

Scientists are using tiny molecular robots to move cargo for the very first time.

Japanese scientists have developed a robotic army made up of DNA. These fascinating molecular robots soon might get brains too.

How Agriculture robots can help conserve water and increase crop yields

Agriculture can provide food for the planet; however, it also contributes to global warming. Agriculture-related production consumes around 70% of the planet's freshwater and accounts for approximately 1/3 of carbon dioxide emissions. However, it doesn't need to be.

Best 3D printer For Beginner: Buying Guide [2022]

Just a decade back, best 3D printer were massive, expensive machines reserved for big corporations and factories that were largely unknown outside the tiny...

Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car Using NodeMcu

"Wi-fi Controlled Robot car Using NodeMcu " The Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car using NodeMcu is controlled from a smartphone through Wifi as  Nodemcu has built-in wifi...

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot using Arduino in 8 steps.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot is intended for automatic house washing. It works on its own just leave it on the floor;...

Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot using Arduino And Ultrasonic Sensor (updated) [2022]

What is Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot ? Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot is a device built for cleaning purposes, it's easy, and anyone can...

Arduino obstacle avoiding Car | Collusion Avoidance|2022|

Introduction; As we know that in this modern age a-lot of high tech gadgets are invented, Arduino obstacle avoiding car is also one of the...

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