This article is based on password based door lock system using arduino. It was introduced for safety measures as safety is most important when it comes toward personals lives. This project was invented for people comfort and satisfaction and nowadays every developing country is using this project. now let’s come toward the topic.

Study some basic information before going toward the main topics OF PASSWORD BASED DOOR LOCK SYSTEM USING ARDUINO.

What is password based door lock system using arduino?

Password based door lock system using arduino is based on password when the password is typed; it will open the door according to the correct password.
You can follow the wise step procedure below

Components Required password based door lock system using arduino

The Arduino based door lock system uses the following elements.
Components Buy online
LCD 16*2
Servo motor
Resisters As you want
LED’s As you want


Working of password based door lock system using arduino

The default password is “1234”.
You can change the password according to your need .when you enter the password the servo motor will move to 180 degrees with the delay of 10 ms you can change the delay of the motor according to your need after that led will turn on if you want to change the password you can press #.
The servo motor will complete its round and come back to its original state after some delay.
The complete video is as shown below.

Circuit installation of password based door lock system using arduino

At first, use LCD 16*2 if you are unable to find you can contact us 
It should be noted that the library for Lcd should be installed as include liquid crystal.h
Wiring the Arduino according to the diagram as shown in figure
password based door lock system
         Lcd Wiring Figure
Wiring configuration
According to figure pin, 1 and 5 of Lcd are set to ground.
Pin 2 of Lcd is attached to the 5v as show.
Pin 4 is connected to pin 9 of Arduino  And pin 6 of Lcd is connected to pin 8 of Arduino
Pin 11 of Lcd is connected to pin 7 of Lcd as shown
Pin 12 of LCD is connected to pin 6 of Lcd As a shown
Pin 13 of LCD is connected to pin 5 of Lcd As a shown
Pin 14 of LCD is connected to pin 4 of Lcd As shown
Now attaching buzzer to the Arduino follow the step by step guide
password based door lock system
buzzer installation
One pin of the buzzer that is attached to 5v of the breadboard
And then the pin is connected to 10 pins of Arduino as shown
Servo motor
Wiring configuration for servo motor
Now we connect the servo motor to the Arduino
One red pin of the servo is connected to 5v
The other black pin is connected to the ground of Arduino
And the yellow pin (mid) is attached to the 11 pins or Arduino as shown in figure
servo motor installation

Attaching keypad

The digital pins of the keyboard are connected to Arduino.use the exact defining pin as shown in figure
Make sure the library of keypad is installed i.e., include keypad.h
One pin of the pad is attached to pin A0 another pin A1 and so on as shown in figure
keypad installation
In case if the pin of the keypad is left, dont worry, you are doing it correctly sometimes
there is an issue with the hardware.
The keypad is used for a password when any key is pressed.

Installing LEDs

One led is attached to the resister, and then it is connected to 12 pins of Arduino. The other end of the Led is attached to the ground.
the different resister is attached to the resister, and then it is attached to the pin 13 of Arduino, and the other end is attached to the ground as shown in the figure
installation of led and resisters

Circuit Simulation And Arduino Files

for downloading the Arduino file, you can click here, and for proteus file, please Click here for more information you can comment below


Smart locks are, no doubt, really convenient. These devices allow you to completely forget about your home keys, The automatic opening, and locking system, activated through the Code system, eliminates this dilemma.
This system is especially convenient for those families where parents very often have to rush to the rescue of their children, who have forgotten the keys and cannot enter into the house after a night out with their loved ones.


Smart locks, which aren’t renewed automatically, which can easily be presented to tampering. Being electronic devices, they might be violated by IT experts who can create unauthorized fake access codes and can leak our personal data.
incase if you forget your system it will be much difficult for you to unlock your home

There may be a fault in the device which may need time and waste your precious time.

The Circuit Diagram password based door lock system using arduino

The circuit diagram of proteus is as below. 


password based door lock system


We have checked everything is working correctly simulation as well as hardware if you have any problem, please comment below.

Advantages of Password Based Door Lock System

  • This project offers security
  • The power consumption is lower
  • Commonly used components
  • The project is easy and simple

Applications of Password Based Door Lock System

  • This simple circuit could be employed in homes to provide greater security.
  • It can be utilized by companies to provide authorized access to secure areas.
  • With just a few tweaks, with a slight modification, this Project could be used to manage the switch of loads using a the use of passwords.

Limitations of Password Based Door Lock System

  • It is a low-range circuit. i.e. it isn’t feasible to control it remotely.
  • If you don’t remember your password, it will be impossible to gain access to the door.


In this article I’ve shown you how to build an password security lock Utilizing Arduino Keypad, Keypad, and the Servo motor. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Do you have concerns, questions or suggestions? Please let me know by commenting below.

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