“Wi-fi Controlled Robot car Using NodeMcu “

The Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car using NodeMcu is controlled from a smartphone through Wifi as  Nodemcu has built-in wifi that can easily connect with our Smartphone and can control the Robot using wi-fi. NodeMcu has a high range and can work almost up to 1km. This is affordable as well as easy to use.
You can make your Wi-fi Controlled Robot by following the steps below.



Components Required for Wi-fi Control Robot Car;

This Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car consists of the following components which can readily available in the market. If you want to buy online, the link is given with each element.
  1.  NodeMcu—————————-> Click here for buy online.
  2.  dc motors—————————->For Dc motors you can buy it from here.
  3.  Acrylic sheets———————–>buy from here.
  4. Wheels——————————->you can buy it from this link.
  5. Motor shield L298——————>here is a link.


Circuit Diagram ;

The circuit diagram of the Wi-fi Controlled Robot car is given below.

Wire up the circuit according to the given figure as shown below.

circuit diagram


Working of Wifi controlled Robot

As NodeMcu has built-in wifi, at first find out its IP address as it can easily be found through google.

In case if you fail to out the IP address comment below we will help.

Then install APK of Wifi controlled Robot in your android smartphone set the IP address to connect to Wifi. Make sure to install the code first in NodeMcu, as the stepwise procedure is given below.

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1:

Cut the Acrylic sheet according to the size of the Wifi controlled Robot.
This Acrylic sheet will decide the size of your Wifi controlled Robot.
Drill the Acrylic sheet so that motors or elements(components) can easily be fixed on the Sheet.
drill it



Step 2:

Now attach the Dc motors, Arrange it to make sure it looks like as shown in the figure below.
dc motor

Now soldering the given Dc motors as shown below.

soldering dc motor

Make sure that for Robot, at least four Dc motors are needed, and all of the motors should be solder precisely the same way as shown below.

soldering all four dc motors

Step 3:

When all set now drills the Acrylic sheet for the motors.
Now glue each motor accordingly, as shown in the figure.
This will help you to increase efficiency, and the motors will not be loose.

glue here for motors

Fix all the four motors as shown in the figure below.

fix all motors

Now wire up accordingly to the circuit diagram, each cable must be exactly the same as won’t work as shown in the figure, red to the red wire, green to green wire shown.

wiring motors

Now attach the Tires.

Attaching tires

Step 4:

After placing tires, Wifi Controlled Robot will look like this as shown below.

Structure of wifi control

Now wire up the L298n Motor shield according to the figure, make sure to do precisely the same as shown in the picture.

motor shield L298n

Connect the wires according to the circuit below.

wiring the motor sheild

Then place the NodeMcu, as shown below.

placing NodeMcu

Step 5:

Install the Code in NodeMcu makes sure to select the NodeMcu from the list, otherwise, it won’t work. Download the code from this link Click this to download.

installing code

Now connect the battery shield to the Robot as shown in the figure below.

adding battery shield

Add two batteries or you can add according to your choice connect them in parallel as shown below.

adding battery pack

Step 6:

Install the APK in your Android version to download the APK Click This.

Step 7:

After the installation in the android Smartphone now, connect the robot to the wifi as shown in the figure.

connecting wifi

Make sure to install the APK in step 6. Now set the IP address as in the picture shown.

setting IP address

It’s done now Test it :).

testing the device

For any help comment below