Android 14: Beta 4 Introduces Game-Changing Features

    • Android 14 Beta 4 introduces the game-changing auto-confirm unlock feature, streamlining the phone unlocking process with a seamless user experience.
    • Users can now control the ring volume and notification volume separately, offering more flexibility and customization options in Android 14 Beta 4.
    • The update brings additional improvements such as new default profile pictures, support for tablets and foldable devices, an enhanced widget picker for tablets, and a more accessible split-screen option in the long-press menu.

    Google released the highly anticipated fourth beta version of Android 14. The update focuses on bug fixes and improvements while introducing a convenient feature simplifying the unlocking process.

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    The new “auto-confirm unlock” feature in Android 14 Beta 4 allows users to automatically unlock their phones by entering the correct six-digit PIN. Previously, users had to manually tap the “enter” button to confirm the PIN code.

    screen lock (image credit 9to5google )

    Other Android 14 Beta 4 enhancements include improved volume controls, which now allow users to adjust the ring volume and notification volume independently. The update also brings new default profile pictures, expanded support for tablets and foldable devices in the beta version, an improved tablet widget picker, and a more prominently placed split-screen option in the long-press menu.

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    Key features in Android 14:

    Auto-Confirm UnlockUnlock the phone automatically after entering a correct PIN of six digits or more.
    Separate Volume ControlsRing volume and notification volume sliders are now separate, allowing independent adjustments.
    New Default Profile PicturesUpdated options for default profile pictures.
    Tablet and Foldable SupportBeta version support extended to tablets and foldable devices.
    Enhanced Widget PickerImproved widget picker for tablets, making it easier to navigate and select widgets.
    Prominent Split-Screen OptionSplit-screen option now more prominently displayed in the long-press menu.
    Back Gesture UpgradeUpgrade to the back gesture feature for improved functionality and user experience.
    Per-App Language SettingsGranular control over language settings on a per-app basis.
    Screenshot Detection APIAPI that allows apps to detect when a screenshot has been taken.
    Photo Picker PermissionsUsers can grant apps access to select photos rather than providing complete access.
    Lossless Audio SupportSupport for lossless audio when using wired headphones.
    10-bit HDR SupportEnhanced support for 10-bit HDR, offering more vibrant colors and greater contrast in photos.
    Integrated Health ConnectHealth Connect app included with Android 14, collecting health data from various fitness apps.
    Customizable Lock ScreenAbility to customize aspects of the lock screen, offering more personalization options.
    Improved Battery EfficiencyUnder-the-hood changes to improve battery life, including efficiency improvements for tasks.
    Enhanced Privacy FeaturesMeasures to enhance privacy, such as blocking the installation of older Android apps.
    Please note that this table provides a concise overview of some of the features in Android 14 and may not encompass the full range of improvements and additions in the operating system update.

    Android 14 Beta 4 is available for download on Google phones, including the Pixel 4a and newer models. It is anticipated that there will be at least three more beta releases before the official consumer launch later this year.

    The stable release of Android 14 is expected to be launched in August, following the beta testing phase. However, smartphone manufacturers may require additional time to customize the software with their respective interfaces before releasing it.

    In addition to the auto-confirm unlock feature, Android 14 introduces other new features, such as an upgraded back gesture, per-app language settings, a screenshot detection API, and a refined photo picker for selective app access to photos. Battery optimization features, including lossless audio support and 10-bit HDR, are also part of the update.

    Development for Android 14 continues, with anticipated features such as native support for satellite connectivity, a predictive back gesture, app cloning, and a bloatware finder. These features aim to enhance user experience and provide more customization options.

    Fixed developer-reported issues:

    System issue causing notifications and Quick Settings tiles to stop working
    Issues causing VoIP apps to stop recording audio when the screen is locked or in the background
    Title of currently playing song disappearing or being replaced with other information
    Charging issues with devices falsely reporting problems with the charging cable or accessory
    Android System Intelligence service crashing

    Resolved issues:

    CredentialManager registry failure with multiple sets of credentials
    Null pointer exceptions in HealthConnect API calls
    Boot loops and “Application not responding” messages
    Incorrect retheming of system UI elements when switching between day and night modes
    Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window becoming unresponsive when using certain apps
    Lock screen wallpaper occasionally resetting to a blank, black screen
    Poor UI animations in the launcher
    Incorrect intent picker dialog during work profile setup
    Incorrect display of rounded borders on notifications
    Unresponsiveness when eSIM is disabled
    Lock screen getting stuck with a blank, black screen
    ConnectivityService causing device crashes and restarts
    System volume slider getting stuck on the screen
    Accessibility issues with TalkBack enabled
    Fingerprint enrollment failure when device rotation occurs during enrollment
    Incorrect ranking of connected Bluetooth devices in the audio output switcher
    Notification shade not closing after tapping a notification to launch an intent
    Analog clock failing to display in wallpaper preview
    Only one Bluetooth earbud being paired instead of both
    App launch animations not playing correctly
    Dismissal of notifications from a prioritized conversation when non-prioritized notifications are dismissed
    Sharesheet crashing after pressing the copy button
    UI not returning to the sharesheet workflow after editing an image
    Face Unlock failures
    USB headset consuming additional power during Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls
    Launcher crashing after launching an app
    Google Play Store app hanging or crashing in work profiles
    System UI crashes in various cases
    Other stability-related issues

    As the stable release of Android 14 approaches, users can look forward to enjoying a comprehensive and user-centric operating system that prioritizes privacy, customization, and a seamless experience across different devices.

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