We have a dedicated team of editors to proofread and verify all articles published at MyElectricSparks. They aim to ensure that every word written in our content is authentic and unique. The content we publish must follow the core values of MyElectricSparks, which is to provide our readers with the best information regarding the vast world of technology and innovation.

Along with that, our editorial team regularly updates the published content. Their changes can be as simple as replacing old, outdated content with the latest information. This way, any article you read, regardless of how old it is, remains accurate and offers the best guidance for you.

Let’s go over the editorial guidelines we follow to make sure our content upholds its high quality.

Fact-Checking and Plagiarism

The editorial team cross-verifies every fact, figure, and number written in our articles. Furthermore, since every article is reviewed by a team of editors sequentially, the final published content always contains the most accurate information with errors whatsoever.

At MyElectricSparks, we do not tolerate any level of plagiarized content. Our authors write every sentence through their own research, analysis, and understanding. Even when we use images we haven’t personally captured; we always credit their original authors after getting their permission.

The core of MyElectricSparks is to be as authentic as possible, and having a strict policy against plagiarism is integral to maintaining the essence of the values on which the website was founded.

Up-to-date Content and revisions with Proofreading

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and what we call the latest and greatest today may not hold their position in a matter of months. To ensure that our content remains up-to-date with technological advancements, we have an entire team of writers and proofreaders dedicated to updating our published content. We may not publicly reveal our team because of privacy issues, but we will reveal each writer and proofreader with time.

Their job is to outline the old and outdated content and out-of-stock products and the components that are no longer the latest and replace them with their improved successors. This way, even our old articles remain relevant to the industry’s standards, and you can rely on them to make important purchase decisions.

Feedback-Centric Approach

Even though every content we publish is reviewed several times by a team of editors, we are, after all, humans, and humans make mistakes.

To further improve our content’s quality, we follow a feedback-centric approach. Therefore, if you ever come across any discrepancy, make sure to hit us up at [email protected].

Our team will follow up on your feedback and analyze it. If any inaccuracy or mistake is found, it will be updated immediately.