What is MyElectricSparks?

We are a Digital Publication focused on Technology and innovation, Product Reviews, and Gadgets owned by Tech Explorers. The MyElectricSparks Magazine features opinions and views from top Tech industries and executives who share their journeys, experiences, success stories, Trends, and upcoming Evolution in the Tech industry.

Planting its roots in the tech industry in 2019, the exclusively trained and professional cadre at MyElectricSparks remains committed to communicating the most accurate information amongst any publication worldwide to our target audience.

The MyElectricSparks platform uses extensive market research, historical data, and algorithms to pinpoint emerging trends and future growth opportunities and help organizations determine where to compete. It helps decision-makers innovate technology processes and predict sales with the ability to sense, react, and adapt to changing market conditions.


MyElectricSparks comprises an ever-evolving coterie of handpicked journalists who aim to deliver the most precise hands-on information to our consumers, with our expertise ranging from a classification of Technology, and artificial intelligence to the Best gadgets, cars, the latest mobile phone newsProduct Reviews, and Social news.


Our Goal:

With our headquarters based across the globe & Pakistan, we are already one of the best websites nationwide, if not the best, as far as technology is concerned, thanks to an executive experience spanning a timeframe of more than a decade.

However, this achievement doesn’t fulfil our desire for perfection. The passion for sublimity is displayed by our dedicated fraternity, which works round-the-clock, undergoing refinement throughout the year since our ensemble is propelled by a unified aim to contend amongst the best websites worldwide, majoring in the technological industry by 2030.

Why Should You Trust Our Judgement?

Our History & Reputation

With over four years of experience in the technology and innovation industry, our dedicated team has been refined consistently to produce a potent group of erudite individuals who are known to relay the most accurate information to our valued consumers, thanks to the extensive research and reviewing we conduct before we publish every piece of journalism. 

In addition, we have been explicitly featured on most top-notch technology and tech brands, such as Lenovo, Android forums, and Asus, and discussed in valuable community forums, such as Apple and HP, to name a few, as reliable and trusted sources for Hardware and Technology.

Our Team

Hands-On Experience & Experts

At MyElectricSparks, our dedication to keeping you in the tech loop is unwavering. Our team of tech enthusiasts works tirelessly, day and night, to bring you the latest technology news and product updates. We take pride in our roster of experienced journalists at the forefront of the gaming industry, covering everything from essential hardware to cutting-edge software.

Our passionate team conducts thorough research, performs hands-on testing whenever possible, and provides you with authentic and accurate insights. We understand that our readers might not always be able to engage directly with our talented writers. That’s why we’ve offered brief background stories for each of our esteemed columnists, giving you a glimpse into their behind-the-scenes experiences.

Meet our dedicated team of tech enthusiasts and join us on this exciting tech journey!

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