What is Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot ?

Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot is a device built for cleaning purposes, it’s easy, and anyone can afford it.
It’s based on Arduino, fully automatic, and auto obstacle detector as well; you can adjust it according to the image; it cleans your floor in no time without any human interaction. This is just a prototype you can build it on a large scale as well.

This project is manufactured with the help of Arduino, which cost-efficient.

We will try our level best to make this project more and more cost-efficient so that anyone can afford it without any hesitation.

Components Required to Build Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot:

The Automatic Home cleaning Robot works with the help of the following elements; you can buy it from the following links if needed.

Acrylic Sheets (x2). ————–you can buy it from Here

Motor Driver L298.—————-if you want to buy Click here.
Arduino Board Uno R3—————- for buying Arduino Uno Click here
Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04————— Ultrasonic sensor is Available Here.
Ultrafire Battery 18650 3.7V. ——————- for buying click here
Jumper Wire (x3). ——————– if you want to buy click here
DC Motors (x5). —————————– Click the link for order online
Wheel 65 x 26mm (x4). ————————buy it from here
Switch —————————–you can use any kind of switch no need to buy it.

Circuit Diagram and Pin Configuration

Wire up the following according to the figure and also pin configuration is given as under.
home automatic floor cleaner robot
circuit diagram

Connection of Motor ;

• Left two motor    ———-> Out A  of L298 .
• Right two motor ———–>Out b of L298 driver.

Connection Motor shield with Arduino ;

• GND of L298       ————-> Gnd of Arduino
• VCC of L298       ————->Vin of Arduino
• INA or IN1 of L298———->pin 10 of Arduino.
• INC or IN3 of L298———->pin 11 of Arduino.
• IND or IN4 of L298———->pin 12 of Arduino.
• INB or IN2 of L298———->pin 13 of Arduino.

Connection of Battery:

• 5v(Vcc) of motor shield————>connect the red wire of the battery
• GND of motor shield —————-> connect the black cable of the battery

Connection of Servo with Arduino:

• GND of Arduino—————>connect servo brown wire.
• 5v of Arduino   —————->connect the red cable of servo.
• Pin 9 of Arduino   —————->connect orange of.

Connection of Ultrasonic sensor:

• GND of Arduino ————> Gnd of the Ultrasonic Sensor.
• 5v pin of Arduino ———-> Vcc of the Ultrasonic Sensor.
• Pin 5 of Arduino   ————-> Echo of the ultrasonic sensor.
• Pin 6 of Arduino   ————-> trig of Ultrasonic sensor.

Step by Step Procedure For Home Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot

Step 1:

First of all, we have to make the body from the acrylic sheet according to the following diagram.

Then arrange the acrylic sheet. Buy it from the amazon and drill it accordingly, as shown.

drill the Acrylic sheets as follows

Lift off the grey sheet as it looks like black as following. Now attach motors with glue or drill it so that it can be tightened.

Attaching Motors

With the help of glue, attached motors to the acrylic sheet.

Dc motors attaching
Now attaching tires to the motors, as shown below.
Attaching Wheels

All tires are fixed now.

tires are fixed as shown

Step 2:

After completing the step1, see the progress below and keep following the steps.

completing step 1 it will look like this
home automatic floor cleaner robot
Placing motor at the Front

At first, place another motor at the front then attach the sticks accordingly for placing Motor shield, as shown in the figure below.

home automatic floor cleaner robot
Placing L298 Motor shield

Step 3:

Now place Arduino, motor shield, and wire to the Arduino according to the instruction already discussed above.

Attaching Arduino and Motor shield Accordingly

Now cover it as if it is available and accessible.

wiring and covering

Then Place the battery and wire it up accordingly.

placing Battery

Step 4:

Here is the servo motor, Attach it to Arduino according to the above instruction.

servo motor

Now attach the Ultrasonic sensor to the Arduino.

home automatic floor cleaner robot
ultrasonic sensor with Arduino

Step 5:

Glue the tip of the servo motor and attach it to the ultrasonic sensor, as shown below.
servo motor attaching

After that, attach the Ultrasonic Sensor to the servo motor.

Attaching Ultrasonic sensor

Then place the ultrasonic sensor and motor in the front of the Home cleaning robot, as shown.

placing the sensor at the front

Cut the punch in round shape so that it can adjust underneath the Home cleaning robot.

cut it in round shape

Step 6:

Now glue the round punch so that it can be fixed.
glue the punch as shown

Fix this punch underneath the Home cleaning robot and attach it to the motor permanently, as shown in the figure.

Attaching motor to it

The punch should be placed in such a way that it should be moved accordingly and quickly without hesitation in the Home cleaning robot, as shown below. Make sure that the motor which is attached to the punch should be directly connected to the battery and a switch so that the circuit can be easily On and Off manually.

Switch and punch attached

Now glue the following position of the Home cleaning robot, as shown.

glue it here for bottle

Step 7:
Now place the water bottle or any detergent bottle to clean the floor with it.
place the battery

Then pin a hole in the bottle and use the medical tube, as shown in the figure below.  The home cleaning device ready you can now examine it.

home automatic floor cleaner robot
working condition

Download the Arduino Code 

Download the Arduino Code for home cleaning robot from the following link  Arduino code + configuration

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