Internet of Things (IoT)

Explore the transformative world of IoT (Internet of Things). Dive into smart devices, connectivity, and insights on how IoT is reshaping our lives and industries.

A New 6G device is Created by Japan That is 20 times Faster Than 5G Technology

A bunch of Japanese telecom companies have created a super-fast 6G wireless device. It can send data a whopping 20…

Aizaz khan Aizaz khan

US Created History By Using Bluetooth to Connect to a Satellite for the First Time

Hubble Network has made history by establishing the first-ever Bluetooth connection directly to a satellite, marking a pivotal moment in…

Aizaz khan Aizaz khan

Zigbee Technology: The Next Big Thing in Wireless Communication

Have you ever wondered how all the smart devices in your home communicate with each other? They use Zigbee Technology,…

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