Arduino projectsCorona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino (updated)

Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino (updated) [2022]



As we all that in the end of 2019, new disease start spreading from CHINA and later on it took whole world under it’s grip and lots of countries face most difficult challenges during the break down of COVID-19 or corona virus. Our this Article is based on project Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino. A device is designed for corona virus detection and the main base of this device is ARDUINO.

What is Corona Virus Recovery and Death Detector?

As we know, Corona virus is a severe problem and a threat to the world. It is a severe disease, almost 4 lakh people died from it. So far, it has no treatment. The best treatment for it to take care of your self by washing your hands with sanitizer.Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino
In this case, if you want to track active recovery worldwide or just about your country, we have made a small project call “Corona Virus Death Outbreak ” with the help of simple Arduino.
As shown below.

How does Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino works?

This project has a small working technique, which makes it easy for us to track world patients and death records. Just use Think speak API to track different countries’ results.
As we know that every second, This website is updated and shows results worldwide. We have extracted some data from this site and displayed it on our small LCD using API.

Components Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino

This project uses a small number of elements which are following,   
  1. Node MCU WIFI -based Arduino
  2. Breadboard 
  3. LCD 1.8 128*160 RGB TFT_LCD
  4. Some jumper wires

Step by Step Process For Detecting

For making the Arduino based Coronavirus Death and Recovery Detecting, follow the following steps to complete the project.

Step 1

At first, for detecting the total deaths of the Coronavirus worldwide, we have to make the Arduino API and make it possible to extract data from the following website.
Total deaths of Coronavirus
You can access the website from Worldwide Corona Virus Result.
By scrolling, you can see different country’s results as given below.
Coronavirus Italy results
Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino
Italy results
In this case, we have targeted Italy to show our results on Arduino and screen.

Step 2

Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino
Thing speak

Now open the following Thing speak, click on the signup, and fill your information when everything is done. Follow step 3.

Step 3

After signup to the website, click the apps and click the thing HTTP as shown below.
3rd step

Step 4

Now click on New Thing Http, as shown below.
Step 4

Step 5

Now make 3 different categories, as we targeted Italy Results, so we’ll focus on only Italy results as below. St first, we’ll make and generate API for Italy cases.
  • Italy cases
  • Recovery patients
  • Total deaths

Fill the following name and URL of This site.


Step 5

 Step 6

Then we have to find the values for total Italy cases in the following sheet.
Click on the value to make sure this value is under Total cases.
Drag the mouse and click on the value, it shows  119,827 cases in Italy then click on inspect. 
It may vary, as shown in the figure. 



                             A dialog box will appear, as shown below.
 Click on the following, as shown in the figure below, and click on Copy XPATH as given.
By scrolling down the website, you will see the save buttons and code bar shown in the figure.

And then paste the code there, as shown below.
After coping with the code as shown, click the SAVE THINGHTTP.

Step 7

Now to generate new of Recovered  Patients. Follow the steps.
Click Thing HTTP, as shown in the figure. As to generate new API For recovered patients.

Then Click the New Thing HTTP, as shown in the figure.


Now follow the previous steps to underline the Recovered patients, click on it, and then click Inspect.


Click on the following value, Copy it XPATH, as shown.

And paste it according to previous steps.


Then click the Save thing HTTP.

Step 8

After adding Recovered patients detail now, we’ll have to add Death of patients to API. Repeat Step 7 for generating a new API.

Enter the name as Deaths shown below.

Now go to Coronavirus site and click under the tab of Death on it and select inspect as shown below.

Click on it and then click inspect.

Again click on it as shown in the figure and copy Xpath.

Copy all these in the following parse string.
And click save.
After that, you will see the following shown in the figure below.

Step 9

After that, click on the view button to Copy the API code.

The picture below shows the API key for the TOTAL CASES in Italy, and the Red Alphabets shows the API key.
Copy the following API of TOTAL CASES and paste it here in Arduino Code, as shown below.
You can now download the Arduino code from here Click here.

Make sure to set the wifi username and password, as shown in the figure, and the API should be copied of each category in a stepwise manner.
Now it’s all done, let’s start building Circuit.

Circuit Diagram

When everything is done, now let’s build the Circuit, as shown below.
Corona Virus Live Updater Using Arduino
Circuit Diagram


  1. GND of Node MCU ESP8266 is Connected with the Gnd of LCD.
  2. VCC of Node MCU is connected with the VCC of LCD.
  3. D7 pin of Node MCU is connected with the SDA of LCD.
  4. D5 pin of Node MCU is connected with SCL of LCD.
  5. D2 pin of Node MCU is connected with DC of LCD.
  6. D1 pin of Node MCU  is connected with CS of LCD.
  7. D0 pin of Node MCU is connected with RES of LCD.
  8. The last pin of LCD BL or LED is connected to VCC, as shown.


Results are shown below, and some of the libraries for LCD, you can download it from the LINK.
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