WhatsApp Boosts Privacy: Silence Unknown Callers & Privacy Checkup

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WhatsApp has introduced two new features, Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup, aimed at enhancing user privacy and control. Silence Unknown Callers allows users to screen out spam, scams, and calls from unknown numbers, offering increased protection. Although the calls will be visible on the call list, they won’t ring on the phone. Privacy Checkup empowers users to customize their privacy settings, enabling them to choose who can contact them and control the visibility of personal information.

The Silence Unknown Callers feature can be accessed through the ‘Calls’ section under ‘Privacy’ in the WhatsApp settings. Privacy Checkup is a prompt within the privacy settings that guides users through various privacy layers, strengthening the security of messages, calls, and personal information.

WhatsApp’s Silence Unknown Callers

This feature is a game-changer for those tired of receiving spam calls and scams. It gives users the power to filter out unwanted calls, offering them increased protection and peace of mind

Privacy Checkup

As a significant step towards empowering users to take control of their privacy. In their review, they note, “WhatsApp’s Privacy Checkup feature allows users to customize their privacy settings, giving them the freedom to choose the level of protection that suits them best. It’s a welcomed addition for those who value their privacy in this digital age.

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These features demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and have garnered positive reviews from tech websites such as TechCrunch and The Verge. WhatsApp continues to prioritize privacy by adding layers of protection, including Chat Lock, Disappearing Messages, hide online status and screenshot blocking for View Once messages.

Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup are available to users now, providing enhanced privacy controls and reinforcing WhatsApp’s dedication to protecting user data.

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