NASA spotted a green dot on Jupiter, and they realized it could be aliens but here is the complete story

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A few days ago, a picture went viral on social media that was of the Jupiter planet. In the picture, there was a green dot visible, resembling a football like structure.

NASA had shared this picture, claiming that it might be a signal from aliens. Scientists worked hard to determine the reason behind it because Jupiter is very far from us.

It is far away that if you send a spacecraft now it will reach jupitar planet in the next four years so to investigate further, A few years ago, NASA sent a spacecraft to Jupiter with the aim of uncovering the hidden secrets that lie within the planet and being able to retrieve them.

After extensive research, it was discovered that the green dot was not from an alien but light was indeed an atmospheric phenomenon known as atmospheric or celestial lightning(Raining lighting), which turned green due to the presence of certain gases.

This is because Jupiter is a massive planet composed mostly of gases and experiences intense storms. If the same storm were to occur on our planet, Earth, it would cause widespread destruction. Therefore, it is important not to jump to conclusions without conducting research and to first gather information before taking any action.

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