WhatsApp’s New Avatar Feature and Enhanced Group Calls by Meta

    Great news for WhatsApp enthusiasts! Meta, the creative brains behind Facebook, has something exciting in store. Remember those animated avatars? Well, they’re almost here, and a select group of beta testers is already giving them a whirl.

    In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (v2.23.19.14), you’ll spot a banner saying, “Using your avatar on calls.” And here’s the kicker: your avatar will mirror your real-time expressions! You can switch it off during the call to revert to your true self. Rest assured, your chats remain super secure with end-to-end encryption, reinforcing your privacy and security even with introducing these new features.

    To try it, tap ‘Switch to Avatar’ on the banner. If you’re not quite ready, click ‘Not now.’ Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a live demo yet, but if you’ve used avatars on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll feel right at home.

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    As for the release date of this feature for the broader WhatsApp audience, it’s still a well-guarded secret, but with it being actively tested, you can expect it to grace your app very soon.

    But wait, there’s more! Meta isn’t stopping here. They’ve been busy adding some cool stuff to WhatsApp, including Channels and enhanced image sharing. Plus, if you’re a fan of group chats, there’s something special in store for you.

    WhatsApp Group Calls Get a Boost

    Meta is about to take group calls on WhatsApp up a notch. An update via the Google Play Beta Program is in the works, allowing you to include up to 31 people in a single group call.

    According to reports from WABetainfo, WhatsApp beta for Android, version, is all set to deliver this fantastic feature. But that’s not the end of the story; they’ve also given the calls tab a stylish makeover.

    Previously, you were limited to including just 15 contacts in a group call, but now, thanks to this upgrade, you can invite a whopping 31 friends. A significant improvement, wouldn’t you agree? For those using the regular WhatsApp version, the limit remains at 15.

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    Besides the impressive 31-person group call feature, WhatsApp is refining the calls tab to enhance the user experience. They’ve streamlined it by removing call links from the screen, making things more straightforward and user-friendly. The floating action button has also been updated with a plus icon, making it even more intuitive.

    Currently, these features are exclusively available to beta testers, but rest assured, they’ll be rolling out to a broader audience in the not-so-distant future.

    So, get ready to embrace avatars and experience larger group calls on WhatsApp. Meta is working tirelessly to ensure you have a blast! Stay tuned for more WhatsApp news and updates, and watch for these fantastic features arriving soon. And for those wanting to learn how to make the most of WhatsApp’s new avatar feature or navigate group calls, we’ll share some handy tips and tricks for beginners.

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