WhatsApp’s New Update: How to Send HD Images – Here’s How

    The long-awaited feature of WhatsApp has now arrived. Now you can easily send and receive HD images through WhatsApp.

    We needed this feature very much because when we used to send images earlier, their quality would become low, and the pixels would break, which was very frustrating. That’s why we used to ask our friends to send images in .doc format on WhatsApp so that the pixels would remain the same. But now, WhatsApp has introduced this feature and made life easier.

    WhatsApp is now trying to be innovative and stay ahead of the game. It keeps introducing new features every day, just like a few days ago when WhatsApp introduced the multi-account feature. Similarly, there’s also the video feature now, which allows you to send videos like Snapchat easily. And now, isn’t this HD image feature from WhatsApp impressive?

    Here is how you can send HD images on WhatsApp:

    We hope that even more advanced features will come from WhatsApp, making our lives even more accessible.

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