Snapchat’s My AI Chatbot Shocks Users with Posting Story then stopped responding

    Snapchat’s AI chatbot, known as “My AI,” powered by ChatGPT, caused a stir when it posted an unexpected live update to its profile and then went silent in response to user messages. This quirky move, posting a live Story showing a simple wall, had users puzzled, as such features are typically reserved for human users.

    Social media quickly lit up with user reactions. Some were amused, wondering why “My AI” suddenly thought it was an interior decorator. Others found humor in the situation, joking that even AI can give them the cold shoulder.

    “My Snapchat AI posted a random 1 second story and isn’t replying to me AND IM FREAKED OUT,” posted one user, @RyanJKrul on X (formerly Twitter).

    Snapchat promptly clarified that this wasn’t a push for AI interior design, but rather a glitch. The incident, while amusing, also shone a light on concerns around artificial intelligence and its potential risks.

    “i think I’ve seen this film before…and i didn’t like the ending,” wrote another user @repmiIas on X.

    Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, introduced in April, had already faced criticism for privacy worries and “creepy” exchanges. Additionally, users couldn’t remove the feature without a premium subscription. This glitch brought these concerns back to the forefront.

    TechCrunch received a statement from a spokesperson indicating that there was a temporary outage with “My AI,” which has since been resolved.

    Unlike other AI tools, Snapchat lets users customize the chatbot’s name and design a unique Bitmoji avatar. This attempt to make AI interaction feel more personal has its merits but also poses challenges, as seen in the mixed reactions.

    The incident underscored the challenges companies face in integrating AI technology, especially for platforms like Snapchat, popular among younger users. Snapchat was among the first to partner with OpenAI and introduce ChatGPT to third-party businesses.

    As the glitch fades, it leaves a reminder that AI integration into our lives may have its bumps, even as we embrace its potential.

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