Do You Know About My AI On SnapChat?

ChatGPT’s birth has caused quite a movement across the globe. The chatbot’s tremendous popularity has rendered it a vital component of daily life for many. Social media giants have noticed, with significant corporations seeking to integrate it within their platforms. Snapchat has already led the charge by introducing it under the cover of My Ai, as CNBC has indicated that the launch of my ai is scheduled for the upcoming Monday.

As OpenAi Technology powers this technology.

My Ai on Snapchat

Snapchat has thoroughly trained My AI to rigidly abide by the trust and safety protocols of the corporation. As a result, any responses generated by My AI will refrain from containing any references to violence, sexually explicit material, or opinions about controversial subjects such as politics.

Additionally, the Snapchat team has simplified the functionality of ChatGPT, which was previously banned in some educational institutions for Students and Staff in Victoria. Therefore, My AI will courteously decline requests to compose academic essays on various themes.

However, Snapchat plans to improve My AI by incorporating user feedback. Hence, with time, My AI will cease providing wrong responses, refining its functionality.

How My Ai Can Be Used?

Snapchat recognizes that most of its users are experienced in interacting with chatbots, given the widespread popularity of ChatGPT.

Therefore, the team has opted against providing any instructions for utilizing My AI. Upon accessing the platform, users will be presented with a chat page, which the chatbot will remain on standby until they prompt a conversation.

Snapchat’s My AI is distinct from ChatGPT in that it represents more of a persona than a mere productivity tool. It boasts its profile page, fashioned to resemble that of a regular user, with the Bitmoji avatar distinguishing it from the other users.

The My AI profile’s design indicates Snapchat’s vision for the chatbot – as another friend with whom users can engage, rather than a search engine.

My Ai bitmoji
My Ai bitmoji just like a normal user

The differentiation in functionality is a preventative measure for Snapchat against issues arising from inaccuracies in responses, a difficulty that Google’s Bard has faced and received criticism due to which they have lost billions of dollars.

Despite this, having an interactive AI that one can play around with appears quite enjoyable. Given the vast user base of Snapchat, My AI would attract many users. It could enable ChatGPT to expand its model and improve its user interface.

Snapchat My Ai chatbot

As this technology will surely boost Snapchat’s Business Model.

If you have implemented My AI and it isn’t enjoyable for you, we have written a brief article on how to get rid of Snapchat AI. This article provides a step-by-step procedure to help you remove My AI from your chats.

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