From $80,000 to $8,000: 26-Year-Old Engineer’s Game-Changing Bionic Arms Set New Industry Standard

    In a game-changing move, a 26-year-old engineer has disrupted the prosthetic limb industry by developing affordable 3D printed mind controlled bionic arms. These arms, once priced at $80,000, now cost less than $8,000, a reduction of over 90%.

    With around two million amputees in the US, there’s a pressing need for functional prosthetic limbs. Each year, 185,000 amputations occur in the US, and this figure is predicted to rise. The rise is attributed to conditions like diabetes, causing vascular diseases that often lead to limb loss.

    A New Era in Prosthetics

    Traditional prosthetics, apart from being expensive, pose various issues, from discomfort due to standardized fitting to a lack of specialized training. Many settle for passive prosthetics due to their prohibitive costs.

    However, Unlimited Tomorrow is changing the game. Their 3D printed mind controlled True Limb device offers both functionality and a realistic appearance. Priced at under $8,000, this bionic arm is significantly more affordable than its counterparts.

    The Innovative Process

    Unlimited Tomorrow‘s revolutionary process involves remote customization. Patients have virtual consultations with clinical team members and receive a 3D scanner for detailed limb scans. Video evaluations ensure comfort and fit, while adjustments are made as needed. Once the fit is perfected, the custom bionic arm is 3D-printed, assembled, and rigorously tested before reaching the recipient.

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    From Vision to Reality

    The journey of Unlimited Tomorrow began with Easton LaChapelle’s encounter with a girl struggling with an $80,000 prosthetic limb. Determined to make a difference, LaChapelle’s vision materialized when he founded Unlimited Tomorrow in 2014. The support of philanthropist Tony Robbins propelled the project forward.

    A Future Full of Hope

    With True Limb 3D printed mind controlled bionic arms transforming lives across the US, LaChapelle’s dream of accessible, personalized prosthetics is a reality. Each arm signifies empowerment, resilience, and a brighter future for amputees.

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    LaChapelle shares, “Every time a True Limb leaves our door, I feel incredibly humbled and proud of our product and what we’ve created… Little moments like that always stand out to me.”

    As technology bridges gaps and innovation changes lives, Easton LaChapelle and Unlimited Tomorrow are at the forefront of this remarkable journey toward a more inclusive world.

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