Ford’s F-150 Lightning Sees Swings in Pricing

Prices for the entry-level F-150 EV trims have gone up by as much as $10,000, while the higher-end Platinum models have seen a reduction of up to $7,000.

Ford is changing the prices of its 2024 F-150 Lightning trucks due to slower sales of electric vehicles in the US.
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Ford is changing the prices of its 2024 F-150 Lightning trucks due to slower sales of electric vehicles in the US. The company told its dealers about the changes, increasing the starting prices by as much as $10,000 and lowering prices on some of the fancier models by up to $7,000. These pricing adjustments come after Ford shared in December that it’s reducing the production of its F-150 Lightning pickups.

Here’s a glimpse of the updated prices for each 2024 F-150 Lightning electric vehicle model. It’s worth noting that the prices for the 2023 models stay the same.

Certainly! Here’s the pricing information in the form of a table:

ModelOld PriceNew Price
XLT 311 A$54,995$64,995
Platinum Black$97,995$92,995

In the 2024 lineup, Ford has removed two trim levels: the XLT 312 A and the Lariat with a 240-mile range. Also, keep in mind that the new prices I mentioned earlier don’t cover delivery or destination fees, which could be as much as $2,095.

According to a spokesperson from Ford who told CNBC news, the adjustments in pricing aim to enhance “sales growth, profitability, and customer access to the IRA tax benefit.” Interestingly, the F-150 Platinum trucks, the only ones getting a price cut, are also the only vehicles in the lineup not eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) venture hasn’t been a financial success, causing the company to lose $3.1 billion by October 2023, even with growing F-150 Lightning sales. The construction of a massive EV battery factory in Kentucky, known as the “mega campus,” has been delayed as Ford reevaluates its production capabilities to match the lukewarm demand.

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