LG’s Record-Breaking OLED Gaming Display Revealed

LG's display team revealed a 27-inch OLED screen with a super-fast 480Hz refresh rate before CES 2024.

LG's Record-Breaking OLED Gaming Display Revealed
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LG Display, the company that creates and sells displays to other businesses, has unveiled a new OLED display that might be used in top-notch gaming monitors soon. This 27-inch display with a resolution of 1440p boasts an ultra-fast 0.03ms response time and an impressive 480Hz refresh rate, making it the speediest among OLED displays to date.

LG’s latest screen outperforms the one found in the 32-inch OLED “Dual-Hz” gaming monitor (32GS95UE) introduced in December. Although both monitors boast a remarkable refresh rate of up to 480Hz, with the older model, you need to switch the display to 1080p to fully utilize that high speed.

LG Display is now in the race to compete with Samsung’s recently announced panel. Samsung’s display arm provides a panel with a slightly lower refresh rate of 360Hz and a resolution of 1440p. Samsung has already used this panel in its new 27-inch Odyssey OLED G6 gaming monitor, and there are hints that MSI and Dell might also incorporate it into their upcoming monitors.

LG Display introduces a new panel featuring their “META Technology,” designed to provide enhanced brightness and wider viewing angles. The company claims it emits the “lowest level of blue light in the industry.” While it’s uncertain if gaming companies will adopt this new panel, LG Display plans to release its 27-inch OLED 480Hz panel in the first half of this year. They will showcase their full lineup of OLED gaming displays, ranging from 27 to 45 inches, during CES 2024.

The trend of major display manufacturers prioritizing OLED panels with high refresh rates suggests an imminent increase in the availability of gaming monitors using this technology.

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