How to make 12v battery charger with (pictures)

    Here, we will show you how to Make a 12v Battery charger using a few small components. With the help of this 12v battery charger, you can charge a car battery, UPS battery, and any charger.

    It should be noted that the battery drains quickly out on cold days, so if you don’t charge it, your battery can be damaged in less time.

    This battery charger has the following features:

    • Having constant Voltage
    •  Constant Current
    •  Portable and stable

    Following the Article, you can make the above 12v battery charger in simple steps.


    You need the following components lists.

    • 4Amp Diodes
    • 16v transformer
    • Capacitor 440v 2.5 mfd

    Step 1:

    According to the figure below, arrange 4 diodes. It should be up to 4amp to bear up to 4amp current.

    12v battery charger

    Solder two diodes according to the figure below. Make sure to follow the same steps as shown below.

    Now arrange the other two diodes opposite to the above, as shown below.

    Step 2:

    In step two, make sure to solder the above four diodes, as shown in the figure below.

    Now connect the wire to the diodes as shown in the figure; make sure to take from the two diodes.

    Step 3:

    In this step, we have to connect the transformer and the capacitor.
    Usually, the capacitor works to maintain the constant DC level.
    It Smooth the output.

    Attaching the transformer in the opposite direction as previously the output wires are attached; make sure to do precisely the same.

    Now, connecting the capacitor to the transformer’s input so that its output can be smooth, this capacitor, which we use, is the readily available fan capacitor.

    Step 4:

    Here is what you have done, and now make sure to look exactly like this. If you have made any mistakes, you need help charging your battery. This 12v battery charger is small in size and portable well.

    Connect the power wire to the 220v/ac and the DMM to the transformer’s output. The 0.87Amps shows the charging speed of the battery; the more it goes up, the more your battery will be charged up quickly.

    From the 12v battery charger, you can charge everything that runs on the DC power supply car. This is a portable charger you can charge anything.

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