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Different Types and Applications of Amplifiers


This Article will give you important information about Amplifiers as most of electronics consist of at least one stage of Amplification. Hence it’s used in each and every electrical electronics.
Here you might be thinking what are Amplifiers?
The device which higher up the input signals amplitude are known as Amplifiers.
Amplifiers works by modulating the output of power supplied. It only speed up other parameters such as frequency but the shape remains constant.


Amplifiers ae available in different types. They can be separated or distinguished by their Amplified signals. They are also separated by their functions.


The important three Amplifiers are catalogized by their output properties.
  1. Voltage Amplifier
  2. Current Amplifier
  3. Power Amplifier
Let’s go into detail explanation.

1. Voltage Amplifiers:

The most commonly used Amplifiers are voltage ⚡ Amplifier. They are mostly used in every electronics appliances. Their works is to increase the signals amplitude of output voltage ⚡.

2. Current Amplifiers:

The working principles of current Amplifiers is change. It works by changing or increasing the input current as compared to the input current waveform.

3. Power Amplifiers:

As it’s clear from it’s name these type of Amplifiers are Introducted to increase the power ???? ????.  For example ,if the value of the input current and voltage is low then these Amplifiers will Automatically increase output current and voltage ⚡.
Doesn’t matter if the value of input voltage or current are less ,the result of output voltage and current will be greater as compared to input.
When AC signals are applied to Amplifiers,  only few parts are Amplified because of wave Amplified.  Further Amplifiers are divided into 4 groups or classes. They are ,
  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class AB
  4. Class C
 Signal play important role is classification of Amplifiers. Amplifiers sub classification are given below.

1. Audio Frequency Amplifiers (A.F. Amplifiers):

This type of Amplifier uses Audio Frequency as it’s name clearly indicates it’s qualifications.
It’s range is between 20Hz to 20kHz. Some high quality Audio Amplifiers may Amplify upto 100 kHz.
The most common use of these Amplifiers are to produce loud voices and these Audio Amplifiers are mostly used in Loud speakers.  Few modern amplifiers are constructed on the bases of solid state dives and it’s examples are transistor. At first ,they are constructed as vacuum tubes.

2. Intermediate Frequency Amplifiers (I.F. Amplifiers):

Another important sub division of Amplifiers is Intermediate Frequency Amplifiers ,they are commonly used in radar ,tv ????  and radio.
Intermediate Frequency Amplifiers works by supplying maximum voltage ⚡ amplification to a radio ,TV ???? ????  or radar signals, before the demodulation of the video ????  or audio information ????‍♀️ signals.
There is little bit change in Frequency operating value . Received radio signals  Frequency is lower then operating frequency but recieved video ???? and audio Frequency is higher then the operating system Frequency. So here the electronic products chooses the exact Frequency for I.F Amplifiers operating.

3. Radio Frequency Amplifiers (R.F. Amplifiers):

As the name indicates these type of Amplifiers is used to maximise the power ???? ???? of low frequency radio ????  signals. They uses Antenna ????  as a transmitter.
Radio Frequency Amplifiers are those type of Amplifier which is controlled by tuned circuit. These circuits can be changed according to the use of this amplifier. Generally the input resistance is quite low at first but it increases.
The best qualification of this Amplifiers is minimum noise. Because of this qualification they are used at first for reciever. Electronics generally produces noise in the background but these Amplifiers keep it low as it manage low amplitude signals recieved from antenna ???? perfectly. FET transistors can also be used at this stage.

4. Ultrasonic Amplifiers:

As it’s clear from the Amplifiers name , Ultrasonic Amplifiers amplifies ultrasonic waves. Their frequency range is between 20kHz to 100kHz .  It’s use is specific and limited. Some of the work for which it’s used are ultrasonic cleaning ,ultrasonic scanning ,remote control system etc.

5. Wideband Amplifiers:

This type of Amplifier is used to amplify a band of Frequency. They can Amplifies from DC to tens of MHz. The mainly used for Frequency measuring signals in wide range ,accurately. Ultrasonic Amplifiers gain is minimum because off wide bandwidth.

6. Direct Coupled Amplifiers (DC Amplifiers):

Direct Coupled Amplifiers are used when Frequency signals are low. The Amplify process that place in few stages. In first stage, the output is attached with the input of another stage . DC Amplifiers can also Amplify zero frequency. The most common use of DC Amplifiers is that it’s used in electrical systems and measuring system.

7. Video Amplifiers:

This type of Amplifier is mostly used for better video signals and high resolution display. As we know that video signal transfer all the information about picture in TV ????  and radar system.  These Amplifiers are mostly used to be constructed in video equipments.
The performance of video Amplifiers depends on use appliance. In TV, it’s frequency varies between 0Hz to 6MHz but in Radar it’s wider.
Video Amplifiers are mostly used to amplify recieved DVD ,computers monitors signals. They are also used in small TV ???? for video quality purpose such as vehicles monitors.

8. Buffer Amplifiers:

For electrical impedence transformation from one circuit to another , Buffer Amplifiers are mainly used. These are used for isolating circuits. They have maximum value at the input and  low value at the output.
They can be used for Impedance matching devices.

9. Operational Amplifiers:

These type of Amplifiers are most ????  high gain voltage Amplifiers ⚡ ???? ????.  These Amplifiers are mostly used for mathematical voltage operations . Now they are used in shape of ICs ,At first they were constructed with vacuum tubes. It have two input terminals.
1: Inverting
2: Non- inverting
These can be used as inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, summing amplifiers, difference amplifier etc. Given image show operational amplifier.
Operational Amplifier Symbol

10. Transistor Amplifiers:

Transistor is actually an electronic device which is also give out function same as Amplifiers. It amplify the voltage or current of the input signals.
Transistor types:
1) BJT (Bipolar junction transistors).
2) FET(Field Effect Transistors).
Different transistor Amplifiers configuration are given below;
1) Common Base,
2) Common Emitter
 3) Common Collector using BJT.
 Using FET, transistor amplifiers are analyzed in the following configurations.
1) Common Gate,
 2) Common Source
 3) Common Drain.
Bipolar Junction Transistors: In this type of transistor, base terminals emitter and collector control small current value. But in Field Effect Transistors (FET) small voltage at the gate can control the voltage at source and drain.
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