YouTube becomes the most popular platform in Pakistan

    A survey was conducted in 2022 and 2023 to understand the trends and interests of internet users in Pakistan.

    According to the survey, there were approximately 19.8 million mobile users in Pakistan, and YouTube emerged as the dominant platform, attracting the attention of over 70 million individuals.

    Facebook comes in a close second with 57.5 million users, while Snack Video, a video-sharing platform, secures the third position with 18.8 million users.

    The survey reveals that Pakistan currently boasts a total of 87.3 million internet users.

    TikTok maintains its significance in the Pakistani social media landscape, with an impressive user base of 18.3 million.

    Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, also enjoys a substantial following, with 15.6 million users.

    LinkedIn has gained popularity among professionals in the country, attracting 7.6 million users.

    Platforms like ‘BIGO LIVE‘ and ‘Likee’ have managed to accumulate 4.2 million users.

    Twitter, on the other hand, has a relatively smaller user base in Pakistan, with only 3.4 million active users. However, it remains a prominent platform for news dissemination and public discussions.

    In terms of messaging apps, WhatsApp has emerged as the preferred choice for communication in Pakistan, with an impressive user base of over 46.2 million.

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