KIA Car Prices Surge Due to Shortage of CKD Parts and Increased Sales Tax

    Karachi, Pakistan – Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has increased the prices of all Kia cars, except Picanto Manual, Stonic EX, and Carnival models. Effective July 5, 2023, the revised prices are as follows:

    ModelCurrent Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
    Picanto Automatic3,625,0003,825,000200,000
    Stonic EX+5,930,0006,050,000120,000
    Sportage Alpha7,050,0007,300,000250,000
    Sportage FWD7,940,0008,190,000250,000
    Sportage AWD8,570,0008,820,000250,000
    Sportage Black Edition9,050,0009,300,000250,000
    Sorento FWD10,400,00010,800,000400,000
    Sorento AWD11,300,00011,700,000400,000
    Sorento V611,390,00011,790,000400,000

    Kia’s momentum has declined significantly due to ongoing economic issues in Pakistan. Once considered a major player with a substantial market share, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited now needs help to sell cars in large quantities.

    KIA Carnival
    Sorento V6
    Picanto Automatic

    While the company observed a slight increase in sales last month, more was needed to make a significant difference. Under the current economic circumstances, all automakers in Pakistan are in survival mode.

    With these price adjustments, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited aims to navigate the challenging market conditions while providing high-quality Kia vehicles to Pakistani consumers. As the industry adapts and economic conditions stabilize, it remains to be seen how the company will regain its market share and address the affordability concerns of consumers.

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