Is the TikTok Trick for Faster Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi Worth a Try?

    When your internet is slow, it can be frustrating. But a popular TikTok hack might help speed up your Samsung Galaxy‘s Wi-Fi. User “tatechtips” claims to know a trick to make your internet faster. Let’s check it out and see if it’s as good as it sounds.

    How to Do the TikTok Trick

    First, go to your phone’s settings. Look for “Intelligent Wi-Fi” and turn on developer mode. Then, you’ll find an extraordinary Wi-Fi channel suggestion. This suggestion could help make your internet faster.

    What to Do with Your Router

    After getting the suggested channel, go to your router settings. You’ll need to choose between two options: 2.4 GHz and 5G. Your phone will give advice on which one to pick. Remember, 5G is faster but reaches less far.

    New routers sometimes have a feature called Automatic Channel Selection (ACS). It helps your internet work better without you doing anything. The TikTok trick might only do a little if your router has ACS.

    If your router is older and doesn’t have ACS, you can try the TikTok trick. But it might only sometimes work perfectly because other people might use the same channel.

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    Is the Trick Worth It?

    The TikTok hack might make a slight difference if your router already has ACS. But if your router is older, it’s a quick and easy way to try and make your Wi-Fi faster.

    As technology changes, trying out tricks like this can be fun. So, with the help of TikTok and your phone, you can explore making your Wi-Fi better. The big question is: will the TikTok Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi trick make your internet faster? You’ll have to find the answer by giving it a shot!

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