Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: All You Need to Know About the Battery Capacity Increase

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S23 series is set to hit the market with a bigger battery capacity than its predecessor, the Galaxy S22. According to recent reports, the upcoming devices may see a five percent increase in battery capacity and other improvements, such as a more power-efficient display and processor.

New Battery Technology

Galaxy S23 seriesGalaxy S22
Battery capacityUp to 4,700mAh (S23+)Up to 4,500mAh (S22+)
Battery technologyStacked technologyConventional
Battery lifeImprovedStandard
Other improvementsMore power-efficient display and processorN/A


Note: The information provided in the above comparison is based on the news and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

To achieve a higher battery capacity without increasing the device’s size, Samsung uses a new battery technology known as “stacked technology.” This new technology allows for tighter packaging of battery components layer by layer, which results in up to 10% higher capacity without increasing the size of the battery.

The Korean publication The Elec reports that the Galaxy S23+ will have a 4,700mAh battery, a 200mAh increase in capacity over the current Galaxy S22+. While it’s still being determined whether the entire Galaxy S23 series will come with bigger batteries, the implementation of stacked battery technology provides a new way for Samsung to improve battery capacity without compromising the device’s overall size.

What Other Experts Are Saying

Other experts in the tech industry have also commented on the anticipated improvements to the Galaxy S23 series. TechRadar notes that the Galaxy S23 series is rumored to retain the same design and size as the Galaxy S22, with some improvements to the camera and processor. However, with stacked battery technology, the device’s life is expected to improve significantly.

Meanwhile, Tom’s Guide reports that the Galaxy S23 series is rumored to feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and an improved primary camera, with a whopping 200MP for the Ultra model. The larger and faster fingerprint scanner is also expected to be a notable improvement.

What to Expect

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S23 series‘ battery capacity increase is relatively modest, with reports suggesting that Samsung may be playing it safe by keeping the increase under 5%. However, even a 5% increase in battery capacity is expected to improve the device’s battery life significantly.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is shaping up to be a highly anticipated release in the smartphone market, thanks to its new battery technology and other anticipated improvements. With the stacked battery technology, Samsung has found a way to improve battery capacity without affecting the device’s overall size, making it a worthwhile upgrade even if the design remains the same. As Samsung continues to innovate and improve its technology, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for its flagship smartphones.


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