Youtube Shorts are now more like Tiktok With these Features

    TikTok is gaining users at a rapid pace, and at the same speed, it is also attracting sponsors. This is because TikTok has become famous for short videos, and all other platforms are trying to compete by emulating how TikTok engages users. YouTube is also making efforts to increase user engagement by adding more features to its Shorts section.

    On Tuesday, YouTube announced that they will be introducing new features to YouTube Shorts. Interestingly, these features are expected to be highly enjoyable and engaging for users.

    However, upon closer examination, it appears that YouTube is adding features that are already available on Instagram and TikTok. This means that the new features YouTube is introducing are similar to what you can already find on the TikTok app. Now, you will also be able to experience those new features on YouTube.

    Here are the features added to Youtube Shorts:

    • YouTube has added the option to create duets, allowing users to create duets with other videos on the platform.
    • Now creators can be live in verticle video format.
    • You can send creators live dollars during their live sessions.

    In YouTube’s latest update, fans now have the option to easily support their favorite creators during live streams. With just a few taps, viewers can send funds to content creators while watching the live video. The demo of this new Live feature displayed buttons with viewers’ profiles, showing the amount of money they gifted to the creator. It’s a convenient and direct way for fans to show their appreciation and support for the creators they love.

    • YouTube is introducing new effects and stickers, such as a Q&A feature akin to TikTok and Instagram. This feature enables creators to ask their audience questions within their videos and view the responses in the comments.
    • To encourage content creation, creators can now reply to comments with another Short video. Additionally, they can recreate a Short they come across by simply clicking the Remix button. These functionalities are already present on TikTok.

    The most awaited feature which anyone wants as YouTube is currently testing a recomposition tool, which will enable creators to effortlessly convert their horizontal videos into Shorts. With this tool, users can adjust the segment of the video’s layout, zoom, and crop the clip to fit the Shorts format perfectly. YouTube plans to reveal more information about this feature in the coming weeks.

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