How to protect your WhatsApp calls from being hacked

    WhatsApp, the messaging giant Meta owns, is intensifying its commitment to WhatsApp call security. The app’s latest update (version, currently available through the Google Play Beta Program, emphasizes its ongoing efforts to protect user data and privacy.

    WhatsApp has previously introduced the “silence unknown callers” feature, allowing users to mute calls from unfamiliar contacts to enhance call privacy. Building upon this, the upcoming update introduces a privacy relay feature for calls.

    How It Works

    WhatsApp call security

    This new privacy relay feature will reroute calls through WhatsApp’s servers, masking the user’s IP address. This move will make it significantly harder for anyone to identify or locate the user. However, this rerouting may slightly impact call quality.

    While the primary goal is to provide secure calls that prevent location tracking through call data, there’s a trade-off between privacy and call quality due to the rerouting process.

    Testing and Rollout

    Currently being tested with a select group of beta users, WhatsApp aims to fine-tune the feature before a broader release. Introducing this privacy relay feature underscores WhatsApp’s dedication to balancing privacy and usability.

    As the digital landscape continues to evolve, WhatsApp’s move towards enhanced security measures indicates a proactive approach to addressing user concerns in an era of increasing digital threats.

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