Logitech G Cloud: The Future of Cloud Gaming? – An Inside Look

Logitech, a well-known brand in the gaming world, has recently made headlines with its announcement of the Logitech G Cloud Handheld gaming device at the Logi Play event in Berlin. This new device is expected to offer gamers an enhanced cloud gaming experience, but its success still needs to be determined.

The Verge praised the Logitech G Cloud’s “ergonomic design, crisp display, and solid performance,” but noted its “inconsistent connection and high price tag.” Meanwhile, TechRadar stated, “while the Logitech G Cloud is undeniably a solid piece of hardware, it’s unclear who it’s for.” These reviews echo the sentiment of consumers yet to warm up to the new device.

Gift from Phil Spencer to Hideo Kojima

Recently, Hideo Kojima, a renowned game designer, received a Logitech G Cloud as a gift from Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming. The exchange may not have made headlines if not for the prominent names involved. Phil Spencer had tried the Logitech G Cloud for a month, even with Hideo Kojima, currently working on a cloud-based game that most users will likely play using the Logitech handheld.

Hideo Kojima shared his appreciation for the gift on his social media account, posting a photo of the Logitech G Cloud with a hint of the accompanying card: Enjoy!

Cloud Gaming: The Future

Cloud gaming is increasingly gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional gaming. However, taking on cloud gaming is a large feat. Google recently shuttered its Stadia service after a failed attempt at launching a similar service. Despite the potential benefits, some barriers exist, such as latency, since every game is streamed over Wi-Fi.

Mixed Results

At Logitech, they’ve had mixed results with the handheld in a saturated network, where over ten devices ran concurrently. Halo: Infinite ran without issues, but the day after, when they attempted to play Metal: Hellinger, they were left with a laggy, artifact experience that could have lived up to the device’s promises.

Logitech announced its G Cloud Handheld gaming device

Logitech G Cloud vs. Steam Deck

One of the important questions that people are asking is how the Logitech G Cloud will compete against other gaming devices, such as the Steam Deck. Ahmed Riaz responded, “We’re trying to offer a completely different proposition for gaming, and I think there’s space for all those consoles. We love Nintendo, we love Steam, and we have Steam Link here. We’re not actually trying to come in and be like, ‘Oh, this is in direct conflict with us.'”

Logitech is trying to carve out a unique space for itself in the gaming market by offering an experience that’s fully thought through. The company is taking a careful approach to cloud gaming and is looking to continuously improve and get feedback to identify the missing pieces of the experience.

Consumer Response

Despite the hype around the Logitech G Cloud, consumer response has been relatively muted. It’s a new, expensive product category that may appeal to only some consumers. Although the handheld is of high quality, how well the gaming community will receive it remains to be seen.


Logitech’s foray into cloud gaming with the G Cloud Handheld gaming device is ambitious. Logitech is trying to create a unique niche as the market continues to evolve. The response so far has been mixed, but Logitech is taking a careful approach to ensure they deliver a top-quality gaming experience. As we wait to see how the gaming community receives the G Cloud, it’s exciting to see how cloud gaming will continue to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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