TSMC Collaborates with Automakers to Provide Advanced Technology for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

TSMC, the world’s leading foundry, recently held its annual Technology Symposium in 2022, and for the first time, a virtual event was held in parallel. The event showcased TSMC’s industry-leading advanced logic technology, specialty technology, and TSMC 3DFabric advanced system integration service. Thirty-seven heavyweight customers worldwide shared their success stories of collaboration with TSMC, including EV giant Tesla.

As TSMC continues to innovate and improve its technology, the automotive industry’s growth and demand for advanced chips are increasing. TSMC recognizes the importance of collaborating with automakers to provide advanced technology and innovative solutions for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Tesla’s FSD Chips for a Battery Support System: Samsung vs. TSMC

Tesla was among the customers invited to the event, and it was reported that the company would be turning to Samsung for its FSD chips for a battery support system. However, rumors suggest that Tesla may turn to TSMC for future chips that rely on sub-7nm architecture. In 2023, Tesla announced they would move forward with Samsung for their FSD 4.0 chips, built on 7nm nodes.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, “The reason we’re working with Samsung on the 7nm chip is that there are not enough 5nm fabs in the world. That’s really the reason. 5nm is a much better process than 7. But there are not enough fabs. That’s why we are working with Samsung, which does have 5nm.”

TSMC’s Collaboration with Automakers: Automotive Chips as the Strongest Growth Engine

DigiTimes reported that TSMC has already started cooperating directly with automakers, including Volkswagen. The foundry recognizes that automotive chips will become its most potent growth engine in the future, even though its revenue contribution ratio is still single-digit. This recognition has strengthened TSMC’s partnership with automakers, including Tesla, to provide the advanced technology and innovative solutions needed for the next generation of electric vehicles.

In a recent interview, TSMC’s CEO, Dr. C.C. Wei, stated, “We see automotive chips will become our biggest growth driver in the future. We are working with leading automakers to develop automotive chips and solutions that meet their stringent quality, reliability, and performance requirements.”

TSMC’s Focus on Next-Generation Leading-Edge N2 Process and TSMC FEIN FLEX Innovation

According to TSMC, over 5,500 people participated in the symposiums in North America, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The focus was on the next-generation leading-edge N2 process powered by nanosheet transistor architecture and the TSMC FEIN FLEX innovation for the N3 and N3E approaches. TSMC continues to innovate and improve its technology to meet the increasing demand for advanced chips in the automotive industry.

TSMC’s commitment to innovation and improvement is evident in the company’s investment plans. In 2023, TSMC announced that it would invest $100 billion in the next three years to increase capacity and continue to develop advanced technology. This investment will ensure that TSMC remains at the forefront of the foundry industry and continues to provide innovative solutions for automakers, including Tesla.

Looking Ahead: SSMC’s Role in the Future of Electric Vehicles

With the automotive industry continuing to grow, TSMC is well-positioned to provide the advanced technology and innovative solutions needed.


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