Samsung Explores New Smart Accessories Beyond Smartwatches

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Samsung recently secured three new trademarks at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), hinting at the company’s interest in developing clever accessories beyond smartwatches. The trademarks—Samsung Circle, Samsung Index, and Samsung Insight—fall under wearable computers, intelligent rings, smartwatches, smartphones, and more.

While the trademarks alone don’t reveal much, they suggest that Samsung might work on devices like smart rings, bracelets, or even VR controllers and smart glasses. However, with further information, it’s easier to determine the exact nature of these devices and even if they exist.

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This isn’t the first time Samsung has been associated with smart wearables. The company previously secured trademarks for Galaxy Glasses and Galaxy Ring, indicating the development of smart glasses and a smart ring. Whether these previous names are connected to Samsung Circle, Samsung Index, and Samsung Insight is still being determined.

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Considering Samsung’s ongoing work on a new XR (mixed reality) headset, these trademarks are likely related to clever accessories designed to enhance interactions with virtual and augmented reality objects. However, it’s important to note that securing trademarks can also be a protective measure against other companies using similar names.

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Among the speculated devices, the Samsung Galaxy Ring stands out. Patents for this smart ring surfaced, and a trademark was granted by the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS). Smart rings, offering a screen-free experience, are gaining popularity among users who prefer basic tracking without distractions.

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According to the patents, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to feature extensive health tracking capabilities, including ECG and PPG sensors for heart rate measurements and temperature monitoring. It also allows users to control connected devices such as smart TVs, expanding its functionality.

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Pricing and Release Date

Cart One Plus, a ring-shaped heart monitoring device launched by Skylabs, a Korean healthcare startup (provided by Skylabs)

Given the advanced technology required, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is likely to have a price similar to Samsung’s existing wearables. While a specific release date is still being determined, a 2023 launch seems unlikely due to the limited information. Samsung might provide more details during its upcoming Unpacked event.

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