Eight Dollars Chrome Extension: Distinguish Verified & Twitter Blue Accounts with Ease

Twitter has recently undergone significant changes, one of the most notable being its verification process. With the advent of the new Twitter Blue Plan, where users can pay $8 per month to receive a blue checkmark, Twitter is making it easier for everyone to be verified. However, this has resulted in unintended consequences, with many non-notable accounts being verified and spreading misinformation.

To address this problem, two developers, Will Seagar and Walter Lim, have come up with a revolutionary new Chrome extension called “Eight dollars.” This extension makes it easier for users to identify verified accounts and distinguish between those who have been verified for their notability and those who have paid for verification via Twitter Blue.

The Eight Dollars extension works by searching for checkmarks on Twitter’s website and replacing them with “Actually Verified” for notable accounts and “Paid for Verification” for Twitter Blue subscribers. This makes it easier for users to determine an account’s credibility, with the altered indicator being displayed on individual profile pages, in your home feed, and anywhere else Twitter has verified checkmarks.

Eight Dollars Chrome Extension for Verified Twitter Accounts

Unfortunately, the Eight Dollars extension is still new and has yet to be approved for installation via the Chrome Web Store. However, users can still manually install the extension by activating the Developer Mode toggle on Chrome’s Extensions page and then loading the Eight Dollars code. The same steps can be followed for other browsers that support Chrome-like extensions, such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

With the speed at which things are changing on Twitter, it remains to be seen how long it will take to distinguish notable verified accounts from Twitter Blue subscribers effectively. Nevertheless, the Eight Dollars extension provides a much-needed solution to a growing problem and is set to revolutionize how people use and interact with Twitter.


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