Get Ahead with Zoom’s Innovative Video Conferencing Technology – Collaborate, Connect & Have Fun

Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, has recently added several new features to enhance collaboration and add fun to virtual meetings. These features are now available for all browsers that support Zoom and can be downloaded by users. Zoom Adds New Features to Enhance Collaboration and Fun in Virtual Meetings

Collaborate Mode

The Welo App inside Zoom (Image credit: Zoom)

Collaborate Mode is a new feature that offers a unique experience for hosts and attendees. It allows them to interact with an app and create a more personalized and engaging meeting. Zoom has also integrated the #AskAway app from Play, which helps break the ice by allowing participants to get to know each other through a series of fun questions. Another app, Coda, has added a Collaboration Mode, which allows others to join in and help write documents during a meeting.

Breakout Rooms with a Fun Twist

Breakout Rooms have been a popular feature for virtual meetings, allowing for focused discussions in separate areas. Zoom has taken this a step further by introducing the Funtivity series, which allows participants to play in-meeting games, such as Star Wars Trivia and Escape Rooms, either individually or in teams. The games are designed to train people, break the ice, and add fun to virtual meetings.

Welo – A Metaverse-like Environment

The Welo app, currently in beta, creates a metaverse-like environment within Zoom where avatars represent users and can move into separate rooms for private meetings. The Twine algorithm can stabilize the Welo experience, matching people based on criteria. The Welo app aims to create a more engaging and fun virtual meeting experience where participants can move seamlessly between private meetings, just like at a party.


These new features and integrations aim to make virtual meetings more engaging, fun, and interactive. With Collaborate Mode, Breakout Rooms with a fun twist, and the Welo app, Zoom continues to be at the forefront of virtual meeting technology, offering innovative solutions for remote workers and businesses. These features are now available for all browsers that support Zoom and can be downloaded by users.


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