Meta Cancels Smartwatch and Portal Projects, Shifts Focus to VR Headsets Amid Job Cuts

Meta cancels smartwatch and Portal development projects in response to job cuts.
Meta (formerly Facebook) has canceled plans for multiple smartwatches, including the Milan model, which would have had two integrated cameras according to the Reuters  (via The Verge).

However, the project was a significant undertaking, with potential privacy concerns, and was canceled in June. Now, the company has also stopped the development of two other smartwatch projects, choosing to focus on its core hardware offerings, VR headsets. This decision was made in response to recent job cuts at the company, which saw over 11,000 employees laid off.

VR headsets remain the most popular offering from Meta:

Despite the cancellation of the smartwatches, the Quest 2 VR headset continues to be the most popular product from Meta. The company is committed to improving and developing VR technology and aims to invest resources in this area. Meta’s decision to cancel the smartwatch projects and focus on VR headsets is likely to significantly impact the company’s future plans.

Portal development also halted:

Meta is also stopping the development of the Portal, an intelligent display designed for video calling, checking the weather, and controlling smart home devices. Although the Portal and Portal Go are still available for purchase from retailers, other options, such as the Amazon Echo Show and Nest Hub, can serve similar purposes.

Meta’s new focus on hardware offerings:

Meta’s decision to concentrate on its core hardware offerings, such as VR headsets, is a significant move for the company. Job cuts have impacted the company’s future plans, and the decision to focus on VR technology suggests that this is an area of priority for Meta. Other options available for users include smart displays and voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.


In summary, Meta’s recent decision to cancel its smartwatch projects and Portal development has been made in response to job cuts at the company. The focus will now shift to core hardware offerings, such as VR headsets, which are the most popular products from Meta. The decision to concentrate on VR technology will likely significantly impact the company’s future plans. Other options, such as smart displays and voice assistants, remain available to users.


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