Kura Sushi utilizing AI technology to tackle sushi terrorism in Japan

Nikkei Asia reported that Kura Sushi, a chain restaurant, plans to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prevent suspicious opening and closing of sushi plate covers. The company’s move towards using AI technology comes in response to the growing concern of “sushi terrorism” in Japan, where customers engage in unhygienic behavior, such as licking and putting back spoons for green tea powder.

Kura Sushi plans to update its existing cameras in March, which track plates taken by customers from conveyor belts and create invoices. The AI technology will alert employees if it detects any suspicious behavior. This innovative use of AI technology sets Kura Sushi apart as a company committed to ensuring its customers’ safety and hygiene.
Videos of customers engaging in unhygienic behaviors have gone viral on social media platforms, causing public outrage and even affecting the stock prices of some restaurant chains. However, Kura Sushi is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of its customers by utilizing AI technology to prevent such incidents.

In addition to using AI technology to prevent suspicious opening and closing of sushi plate covers, Kura Sushi has implemented AI in various ways. The company has developed an app that rates the quality of tuna served in its restaurants. This app was created in 2020 to help assess the quality of tuna without having to travel during the pandemic.

In conclusion, Kura Sushi utilizing AI technology to enhance the customer experience and prevent incidents of “sushi terrorism” sets it apart as an innovative company in the restaurant industry. The use of AI technology to prevent suspicious opening and closing of sushi plate covers is a positive step towards ensuring the safety and hygiene of customers and demonstrates Kura Sushi’s commitment to excellence.

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