New YouTube Sound and Animation Unveiled by Antfood Studio

YouTube has recently unveiled its latest launch sound and animation, following in the footsteps of popular streaming platform Netflix and its iconic “Tudum” sound. In a recent blog post, YouTube shared how the new sound was created in partnership with Antfood, a studio specializing in “sonic branding.”

The goal of the new sound was to bring a sense of humanity and connection to the platform while also being expressive and story-driven. According to YouTube, the initial idea was to create a vibrant, engaging, and recognizable sound. When you hear it, you should immediately know something is about to happen on the platform, even if you’re not looking at your screen.

YouTube video

The creation process for YouTube Sound involved a lot of thought and attention to detail. Each element of the mix has a specific purpose and meaning. For example, the “sentimental harmony,” a major 7th chord, represents how YouTube allows users to explore the things they love.

While the YouTube Sound is harmonious and pleasant, it may not be as memorable as Netflix’s “Tudum.” The accompanying animation is well-done but could use a bit of improvement in terms of excitement and engagement. YouTube stated that the sound and energy would appear in more places in the coming weeks and months, and it will be interesting to see how the platform continues developing and evolving its launch sound.

Although YouTube did not come up with a catchy title for the new sound like Netflix did with “Tudum,” they referred to it as the “YouTube Sound.” It remains to be seen if the unique sound will become as recognizable and iconic as “Tudum” in the future.


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