YouTube Introduces New Home Screen Widgets for Android Users

YouTube Unveils New Home Screen Widgets for Android Users to Improve User Experience
Google has released a new Android Feature Drop for winter, bringing new updates for Google Photos, Android, and Wear OS.

As part of the update, Google launched new home screen widgets for YouTube, featuring Android’s Material You design language. The new widgets are designed to improve the user experience for avid YouTube watchers by providing quick access to the app’s core functions.

Two Types of Widgets for More Convenience

youtube-android-widgets-1 (image credit 9to5google)

The two types of widgets available for YouTube users are a great addition, allowing for quick and easy access to the app’s features. The first type of widget requires a 3 x 2 section of the home screen, featuring a dedicated search bar and shortcuts to Home, Shorts, and Subscriptions. If expanded to a 4 x 2 section, it provides an extra icon for quick access to the Library. The second type of widget is a 4 x 1 section and simply a YouTube search bar.

youtube-android-widgets-2 (image credit 9to5google)

Latest Update Available for Users

Pixel owners reportedly see the refreshed widgets with YouTube version 17.46.37, although various updates have been issued since that release. These new widgets are available to users who update to the latest version of the app through the Google Play Store.

(image credit 9to5google)
(image credit 9to5google)

Enhancing User Experience

The implementation of widgets has become increasingly popular among apps as it provides a quicker and easier way to access features. With Android’s system-wide theming capabilities, widgets can enhance the appearance of the home screen. YouTube’s new widgets are a much-needed improvement for users who want to get into content instantly and elevate their overall experience with the app.

(image credit 9to5google)

Get the New Widgets Today!

For those who are avid YouTube watchers, the new widgets are worth checking out. So, update your YouTube app via the Google Play Store to take advantage of the new widgets today. Whether you want to access your library quickly or stay up-to-date with Shorts, the new widgets offer a more convenient and user-friendly way to use YouTube.

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