YouTube Shorts Takes on TikTok with Upgraded Creator Features

Empowering Creators with Revenue Sharing and Shopping Integration on YouTube's Short-Form Video Platform

YouTube has been making steady progress in becoming a formidable rival to TikTok by offering a suite of tools and features for creators. One of the latest and most notable advancements is the announcement of revenue sharing and licensed music use for up to 60 seconds in YouTube Shorts.

In September, YouTube Shorts initially allowed creators to use licensed music tracks with a catch. The ways could only be used for 15 seconds at launch. However, the recent update now enables licensed music to be used for up to 60 seconds, with some songs still limited to 15 or 30 seconds. The creators can view the allowed length of a track by simply picking it. Longer music tracks will be added to YouTube Shorts for Android and iOS users “over the next few days.”

YouTube Shorts has been making creator-focused moves like this in recent months to help grow its short-form video product, quickly becoming a force for good. One of the most extensive offers from YouTube to creators in this area is a revenue sharing of up to 45%, a unique advantage neither TikTok nor Instagram Reels offers. Additionally, YouTube Shorts were recently announced for TV, further expanding its reach.

Moreover, according to The Financial Times, YouTube is exploring new ways to monetize the platform for creators by bringing shopping features and affiliate sales models to Shorts. The platform also plans to integrate shopping links in countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Canada to maximize monetization opportunities for creators. Michael Martin, General Manager of YouTube Shopping, stated that this model is an endorsement, not a traditional advertising or pay-placement model.

In conclusion, with its creator-focused features, revenue-sharing opportunities, and licensed music use for up to 60 seconds, YouTube Shorts is quickly becoming a powerful rival to TikTok and a force for good in the short-form video space.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
As a tech expert with a passion for the evolution of technology, I bring insightful and up-to-date commentary on the latest advancements in the industry. In this blog post, I will be sharing my expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI),Machine Learning (ML) And Deep Learning (DL).
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