Google Stadia Shuts Down: Final Goodbye with Worm Game and Next Steps

Google Stadia bids farewell with final game release before shutdown

Google’s cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, is set to shut down in just a few weeks. The company announced it would end the service last year, but the axe has yet to take effect immediately. However, the end is now in sight, with January 18th marking the final day of Stadia’s operations.

But before the platform shuts down for good, Google has released what could be the service’s final title and also a sweet goodbye message to its faithful fans. The Game is called Worm Game (via 9to5Google), an experiment on the breadboard that Stadia developers utilized for testing the system before the public launch in 2019. The Game wasn’t intended for public release and appeared somewhat unkempt.

Worm Game is a more sophisticated version of the classic Snake game that uses keyboards and gamepads. There are four modes to play: multiplayer, campaign arcade, and an excellent customizable level editor. Although it’s unlikely to be awarded the coveted Game of the Year award, it’s a decent time killer to play within the last minutes of Stadia. It will be shut down, together with Stadia’s other features, when 11:59 p.m. Pacific this Wednesday, Stadia will be a new chapter in Google’s history of failed projects.

While it’s sad to see Stadia go, alternatives are available right now for those looking forward to playing on the platform. If you own a Stadia Controller, stay tuned for an update to connect it to various gaming cloud platforms or any other console or device you’d like to play on.


fatima khan
fatima khan
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