Next-gen search personalization Signaled by ChatGPT’s Emergence

ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI language model created by OpenAI that utilizes deep learning to create human-like language. It is built upon OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology and is optimized to generate conversation and now working on next-gen search personalization which will be a huge tech evolution.

ChatGPT is versus. Google:

ChatGPT is not an obstacle to Google’s search dominance since its main objective is to produce conversational texts. It is not without its limitations that limit access to information beyond the cut-off date for training data in 2021 and the possibility of biased responses based on the training data. But, the integration with the search engine can enhance the accuracy and personalization of the user’s experience, precisely due to the rapid growth of next-gen search personalization.

Microsoft and OpenAI: 

Microsoft recently confirmed the multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, which indicates a growing collaboration between both companies. ChatGPT’s capabilities will be integrated with Microsoft’s Bing search engine shortly, which could lead to significant advancements in the next-gen search personalization.

Google’s dominance: 

Google has a vast customer base and a wide variety of products. It holds around 92 percent of the search across platforms market and needs to be put regarding AI development. Google is currently developing its processing system for languages, LaMDA, as well as a text-to-image generator, Muse, which may be able to compete with openAI’s ChatGPT along with DALL*E 2 in the future.

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