New 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Revealed in First Official Pics

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A few months ago, Honda America shared plans to return the Honda Civic Hybrid in the US. Recently, they unveiled the first glimpse of the car, marking the debut of the 2025 Civic facelift. This updated version will be introduced across the model lineup in the coming year.

The existing Honda Civic, introduced in 2021, is now three years old, prompting the company to make minor adjustments to the sedan.

The 2025 Honda Civic is getting a significant makeover, featuring the introduction of a hybrid model. While we were aware of the return of a hybrid Civic, Honda has now revealed pictures of this new version, providing a sneak peek at the refreshed styling that will be applied across the entire 2025 Civic lineup.

In its 2024 business outlook release, American Honda introduces the updated look for its vehicles. The release reveals North America will receive a Civic Hybrid available in sedan and hatchback styles.

The hybrid model is expected to make up approximately 40% of Civic sales after its launch. It’s worth noting that the facelift design was previously showcased in the Civic RS Prototype at the Tokyo Salon 2024.

Here’s a snapshot of the 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid sedan in Sport Touring trim. Along with the hybrid badge at the back, you’ll notice eye-catching new wheels and a redesigned front bumper and grille that give it a sporty vibe, almost reminiscent of the outgoing Civic Type R.

Honda has mentioned plans to introduce additional features in the 2025 Honda Civic. However, the specifics of these updates are yet to be disclosed.

As we can see, there are a lot of changes being made in the 2025 Honda Civic:

  1. Thicker front grille with honeycomb mesh, aligning with the lower grille
  2. Fresh 7-spoke 2-tone alloy wheels
  3. Enhanced bumper design
  4. Revised smoked LED tail lamps

Honda has mentioned that the upcoming Civic will receive “feature enhancements,” possibly including an upgraded infotainment system borrowed from the new Honda Accord.

Historically, Honda facelifts have also brought mechanical improvements to models like the Sport Si and Type R. We’ll have to wait for the official launch to get the full details, so let’s stay tuned with fingers crossed.

According to reports, the upcoming Honda Civic Hybrid will feature a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, replacing the previous 2.0-liter unit. This change aligns with the power setup in the previous Civic-based Insight, which was discontinued in 2022.

Honda suggests the lineup will follow a pattern similar to the CR-V and Accord, with certain trims available only as non-hybrids and others exclusively as hybrids.

Higher trims might seem hybrid-only, especially with the Hybrid Sport Touring model shown. Honda aims for hybrids to constitute 40 percent of overall Civic sales. Stay tuned for more details on the 2025 Civic Hybrid, which is set to hit the U.S. market this summer.

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