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LG Unveils World’s First High-Resolution Stretchable Display Technology

LG Display Develops World’s First High-Resolution Stretchable Display

LG Display, a South Korean display panel maker, has recently made a groundbreaking announcement in the tech industry: they have developed a stretchable display that can be elongated by up to 20%. This innovation is set to revolutionize the display world and will significantly impact various industries.

Stretchable Displays: The Next Step in the Evolution of Displays

Following the development of rollable and foldable displays, which Samsung Display and LG Display have already commercialized, stretchable displays are the next step in the evolution of displays. LG Display claims that this is the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display, which supports 100 pixels per inch (PPI) resolution and can be extended from 12 to 14 inches.

LG High-resolution stretchable display technology

The Technology Behind the Stretchable Display

According to LG Display, the stretchable display is made up of the same silicon material used in contact lenses, allowing the company to increase its flexibility substantially. The company has also used LEDs, which are 40 micrometers or smaller in size, as the light source to make its stretchable display maintain its resolution from external shocks.
The circuits under the hood are also shaped like springs to accommodate bending and folding, LG Display added. The company expects the stretchable display to be used in products with uneven surfaces, such as furniture and clothes, and conventional consumer products, such as wearables.

Potential Uses of Stretchable Displays

The stretchable display is expected to have applications in different industries, including automotive, fashion, and service. The technology can contour to skin, fabric, and metal machines such as cars and airplanes. Stretchable displays could be used in special uniforms of first responders to share real-time information. The displays could also have bumps in certain areas that can act as buttons for the visually impaired to use touch screens more widely.

The Future of Stretchable Displays

LG Display has been developing the stretchable display since 2020 in collaboration with 20 South Korean research institutes. The project is expected to conclude in 2024, and LG Display hopes to commercialize the technology. In addition, Samsung has showcased the viability of stretchable displays in real-world applications. The company created a stretchable OLED screen in a prototype heart rate monitor in June 2021.

The Potential Impact of Stretchable Displays

With the development of this technology, we expect to see stretchable displays being used in a range of products shortly. The automotive industry can benefit from using stretchable displays to replace traditional gauges and meters, while the fashion industry can use them to create innovative and interactive clothing. The service industry can use them to create interactive touch screens that can bend and fold, while the healthcare industry can use them to create more comfortable and effective devices.


Overall, LG Display’s development of the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display is an impressive achievement that will significantly impact various industries. This innovation represents a major milestone in the development of displays, and we can expect to see it being used in many products shortly.


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