SeerGrill Introduces Perfecta Grill, an AI-powered solution that guarantees perfectly grilled steaks

Seergrills Debuts AI-Powered Perfecta Grill at CES 2024: The Fast, Smart Grill for Outdoor Cooking

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Seergrills, a pioneering UK-based startup, has set the culinary world ablaze at this year’s CES with the introduction of its revolutionary flagship model, the Perfecta. Boasting a cutting-edge fusion of AI technology and outdoor grilling, the Perfecta promises to redefine the way we cook, offering unprecedented speed and precision.

The Perfecta, resembling a sleek see-through countertop oven, is more than just a grill—it’s a culinary powerhouse. According to the company, this smart grill can cook a succulent one-inch-thick ribeye steak in an astonishing 90 seconds, a feat that outpaces traditional cooking methods by tenfold.

At the heart of this culinary innovation are dual vertical infrared burners that cook both sides of the food simultaneously, eliminating the need for flipping. Operating at scorching temperatures of up to 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit, the burners ensure rapid and thorough cooking. The grill’s built-in AI chef, part of Seergrills’ NeuralFire technology, calculates cooking times and temperatures based on the desired doneness and sear level, taking the guesswork out of outdoor cooking.

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Sensors within the Perfecta detect the thickness of the food, preventing over or undercooking. The burners intelligently adjust their proximity to the food during the cooking process, ensuring a perfect outcome every time. The vertical orientation of the grill eliminates flare-ups, with only smoke and water vapour being released from the top and fat and grease collected in a convenient dishwasher-safe drip pan at the bottom.

But the Perfecta isn’t just about speed; it’s a versatile outdoor cooking solution. Equipped with oven and rotisserie modes, it allows users to prepare a wide array of dishes, from crispy pizzas to succulent roasted chicken. Seergrills has even designed a dedicated grill cart for a complete outdoor setup.

The Perfecta runs on gas, with a 12-volt electrical cord powering its onboard electronics. A user-friendly touch screen allows for easy input of cooking parameters. Seergrills has announced that the Perfecta will be available to early buyers before the end of the year.

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As CES showcases a wave of smart technology infiltrating various household devices, the Perfecta stands out as a game-changing addition to the world of outdoor cooking.

In Conversation with the Founder:

Jordan Aspley, the founder of Seergrills, expressed his excitement about the Perfecta, stating, “We can cook a one-inch ribeye steak in about 1 minute and 45 seconds. It’s basically a toaster for steaks, thanks to our dual, vertical infrared burners that cook at 1,652°F.”

Seer grills is set to open preorders for the Perfecta in the coming days, with a retail price of $3,500.

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