Honda unveils Sporty Civic RS Prototype in Tokyo with Manual Gearbox

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In a stunning reveal at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda showcased a series of exhibits that had car enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. Among the lineup, the spotlight was firmly on the 2024 Honda Civic RS Prototype, a preview of the future of sporty hatchbacks.

Dressed in a sleek full-black design, the Civic RS Prototype immediately stands out with its revamped front bumper and stylish red RS emblems. The manual gearbox adds an extra thrill, especially for Japanese buyers waiting for this feature. Unlike the standard automatic, the Civic RS with a manual gearbox is set to hit the Japanese market in fall 2024, filling the gap between regular versions and the high-performance Type R.

While Honda hasn’t spilled all the beans about what’s under the hood, there’s a lot of excitement about potential refinements that promise an enhanced driving experience. Speculations suggest that the Civic RS might share similarities with its US counterpart, the Civic Si, known for its impressive turbocharged engine delivering 200 horsepower.

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The prototype, recently unveiled at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, is generating quite a buzz. With a satin black exterior and privacy windows, the Civic RS Prototype exudes a cool vibe. The red RS logos on the grille and trunk lid add a touch of flair, making it easily distinguishable.

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For those wondering about the technical side, the Civic RS is expected to feature a coveted six-speed manual transmission, catering to enthusiasts who appreciate a hands-on driving experience. Although the exact powertrain details are still a mystery, the front-wheel-drive model aligns with its more aggressive sibling, the Type R.

As for its availability, the Civic RS is slated to hit the Japanese market later this year. While there’s no official word on a US launch, hopes remain high among enthusiasts for a potential surprise down the road.

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