Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Ships with Dummy Discs: Concerns Raised About Game Preservation

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Discs Only Contain 72MB of Data, Forcing Players to Download the Full Game Digitally

Gaming enthusiasts worldwide have been eagerly waiting for the release of physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. However, upon receiving the disc, players were left stunned, as they found that it only included 72MB of data, which is just a tiny fraction of the entire game. This has caused a stir in the gaming community, and players are now being forced to download the full game digitally, which could take up to 150GB of space on the PS5.

A “Dummy” Disc for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Activision, the game’s developer, has been shipping the “dummy” disc, which means that physical copies of the game are of no use without an internet connection. Players must connect to the internet to get a copy of the game, which has caused widespread criticism. The decision to release the game this way has raised concerns about game preservation and forced firmware updates.

According to Eurogamer, downloading the game can take up to 150GB of space on the PS5, which is an overwhelming task for players living in areas with strict data caps or slow download speeds. Players will have to keep their consoles on for hours to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, adding to their electricity costs and environmental impacts.

Lance McDonald, a well-known game developer, took to Twitter to express his opinion, saying, “There is a big difference between a day one patch to fix things and the game not being on the disc.” While day-one patches are common in the gaming world, it is rare to find a game that requires players to download the full game, as with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Infinity Ward Warns Players About Region Settings

In addition, Infinity Ward, the game’s developer, has warned players that changing their console’s region setting to play early may result in being locked out of the game until the official launch time of their region. This warning has left many players who want to get an early start to the game disappointed.

This move by Activision is a step back for the gaming industry. It shows a lack of consideration for players who live in remote areas or have metered connections. It’s not always possible for these players to download massive amounts of data, and this move only adds to their frustration.” – Game developer

Concerns Over Game Preservation and Environmental Impact

The use of “dummy” discs has been rare in recent years, and this move has raised concerns about game preservation and environmental impacts. Gamers who live in remote areas or have metered connections have been hit hard by this move, as it is only sometimes possible for them to download games that require massive amounts of data.

As a gamer, I understand the frustration of downloading a game you’ve purchased physically. It’s especially frustrating when you have to wait hours for the download to finish; this move only adds to the problem. This decision by Activision is not in the players’ best interest, and it’s disappointing to see a developer of their caliber make such a move.” – Gaming journalist.


The decision to release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II with only 72MB of data on the disc has caused worldwide disappointment and frustration among gaming enthusiasts. Using a “dummy” disc has forced players to download the game, which has raised concerns about game preservation and environmental impact, and pushed players towards DRM versions of games that might not work properly in the future. The issue has left many players questioning the decision to release the game in this manner, leaving the gaming community wondering if this trend will continue.


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