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AI profiles on LinkedIn Used to Create False Startup Identities

The surge of fraudulent Artificial Intelligence (AI) profiles on LinkedIn has become a matter of great concern in recent months. A Twitter user, Roshan Patel, brought attention to this issue when he created a phoney LinkedIn profile using an AI program, pretending to be a startup founder.

AI profiles on LinkedIn
AI profiles on LinkedIn Named Chad Smith

The next day, a venture capital analyst contacted Patel, showing interest in investing.

AI profiles on LinkedIn
AI profiles on Linkedin As a Startup User

Patel, an entrepreneur based in New York, employed an AI-driven tool for content creation for credible fashion images. Due to the multitude of applications and software, it has become easy for us to fabricate any image.

Patel shared in his tweet, “I formed a spurious LinkedIn profile of a founder,” describing the character as a “Polymath,” an alumnus of Stripe, a dropout from Stanford, a white male with an AI-generated face, and a “polymath” going through YC.

Since Patel’s tweet surfaced, it has sparked several comments and reactions. The tweet received over 4 million impressions and more than 41,000 likes. One user expressed, “I know a lot of people who worked at Stripe and NONE of them have anything positive to say about Chad Smith.”

Another user replied, “Haha ‘A couple of ex-Stripe mates of mine had incredible comments about you’ made them color.”

The third user commented, “Not surprising, sounds like the ‘due diligence‘ that venture capitalists used to make their decision to invest millions in FTX. One of them said he invested because SBF could talk about crypto while playing video games.”

The fourth user commented, “BRB creating an AI-generated profile that just messages every LinkedIn account to talk about having dry powder.”

The rise of false AI profiles on LinkedIn raises concerns regarding the credibility of the information presented on the platform. As AI technology grows, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant and take measures to verify the authenticity of the data they receive on social media platforms.

In conclusion, the proliferation of deceptive AI profiles on LinkedIn is problematic. As AI technology advances, individuals and organizations must ensure that the information they acquire is genuine and reliable.

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