Adobe Express Introduces AI-Powered Features to Compete with Canva

    Adobe Express, the cloud-based design platform, has embraced AI-powered features, directly competing with industry leader Canva. Using Adobe’s Firefly generative AI model, users can now create custom images and text effects for social media and marketing graphics.

    After a successful beta period, Adobe Express has officially launched its AI-powered tools. Formerly known as Adobe Spark, the platform provides quick and easy design templates for social graphics, video editing, PDF decoration, and more.

    Access to the latest version of Adobe Express is now available for free on the desktop web, with mobile availability coming soon. The $9.99 monthly Adobe Express Premium plan offers additional features and assets and is free for existing Creative Cloud members. For larger teams, an enterprise tier with collaborative workflows is available.

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    Adobe Express’s generative AI features, developed in June, allow users to generate custom images and text effects in over 100 languages. Automatic background removal and audio-driven character animations are also part of the package.

    While Adobe Express’s AI features are exciting, it’s worth noting that Canva has been utilizing AI since 2019, introducing features like automatic background removal. However, Adobe assures users its Firefly AI model is commercially secure, as it’s trained only on its content.

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    Adobe Express’s integration of AI-powered capabilities positions it as a versatile design platform. Whether you’re a design novice or a pro, Adobe Express aims to simplify and enhance your creative journey.

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