Twitter Android App Gets a Makeover with the Introduction of Android 13-Themed Icon

Uncover the new look of Twitter on Android with the 13-themed Icon, Subscribe rebrand, and more

Twitter is facing turbulent times amid the “hurricane Elon Musk,” as the company has recently undergone massive job cuts. However, development of the Twitter Android app continues, as 9To5Google recently uncovered. Twitter will now feature an Android 13-themed icon.

The Material You theme icons have been a staple on the Android operating system for over a year, but only a limited number of apps support it, leading to an inconsistent appearance across the software. Apps such as Reddit, Bundled Notes, Spotify, and others have also introduced their icons to the Android platform.

Twitter will be the latest app to embrace the themed icon concept. This information was discovered in the alpha version of the app by Dylan Roussell of 9To5Google, who was able to unearth some exciting details about the new design.

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The Twitter Android 13-Themed Icon will be minimalistic, consisting of only the icon and background, with the wallpaper matching the icon’s background color. This will provide a unified aesthetic, given that Twitter’s existing icon is minimalistic.

In dark mode, the background and bird icon will change to match the theme, but this will reverse when the phone is in light mode, with the background turning to dark gray and the bird icon taking on the theme’s colors.

The Super Follow feature will also receive a rebrand. Based on information from the alpha version, a new name has been given to the feature, which allows users to pay a monthly fee to a creator for exclusive Twitter content and access to tweets and other features. This revenue stream is crucial for Twitter creators.

According to Roussell, the Super Follow feature will now be called Subscribe, aligning with Twitch’s naming convention for paid followers. It remains to be seen when or if this change will become permanent and if Elon Musk will modify the perks for Subscribers or Super Followers. Stay tuned for further updates on this story.

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