Microsoft Set to Unleash AI Chatbot Version of Bing

Microsoft's New AI-Powered Bing Chatbot Brings Smarter Search Capabilities

Microsoft is reportedly getting ready to launch an AI chatbot version of its search engine Bing after independent screenshots of the new chatbot interface surfaced online. The screenshots show a “new Bing” that can answer text-based queries and cite its sources. Two trial versions of the new Bing were sent to different users, who were able to test it and capture some of their queries.

According to a report by designer and student Owen Yin, the new Bing chatbot will be located at or on a waitlist. Although Microsoft has not confirmed the authenticity of the screenshots, the new Bing chatbot uses the same AI as previously rumored. In January, a report from The Verge suggested that an AI-powered Bing could be released as early as March, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT or a similar technology powering Microsoft’s Office products.

In one example shared by a user named Nazmul Hossain, Bing broke down the query, “Is Microsoft Bing opened the chat feature worldwide?” into its component nouns and strung together a response based on information from several sources, including LinkedIn, MSN, and Techspot. The response cited the sources and provided links to further information.

However, Owen Yin’s post did not show this behavior. Hossain and Yin posted the same screenshot of the “new Bing” with an option to either search as a traditional search or as a chatbot response. The key difference between ChatGPT and Microsoft’s new Bing is that ChatGPT’s knowledge only goes up to 2021, while Bing’s knowledge is up-to-date and can answer recent questions, according to Yin.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently stated that the company plans to lead the “age of AI” and deploy its models across its consumer and enterprise products. With Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI and Nadella’s claims, the tech giant is gearing up to push AI as a search tool shortly.

It is still uncertain when exactly Microsoft will officially launch its AI-powered Bing. Still, the company is investing heavily in AI technology to enhance its search engine and take a step forward in the age of AI. Integrating AI technology into search engines will likely bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to the search experience for users. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s new Bing will compare to its competitors in the market.


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