Google Stadia to Enable Bluetooth Support for Controllers Before Service Shutdown

Google recently announced the shutdown of all servers for Stadia, its cloud gaming service. This news has left many Stadia users wondering what will happen to their controllers. Wired reported that “the question for many users of Google Stadia is, What would they do with their controllers, the only memorable piece of hardware which leaves Mountain View’s platform behind?”

This article will discuss the options available for Stadia controller owners and what Google is doing to address their concerns.

Using Stadia Controllers on Other Devices

As with consoles, Stadia controllers could only be used normally on other devices via a cable. However, last year, a YouTube creator named LateStageTech showcased a Wireless Pro app that allowed users to connect wired controllers to an Android device, sending the signal wirelessly to a PC. This method was later demonstrated by another YouTuber named Benjaninja, who showed that it worked with Stadia controllers, albeit with a few caveats.

According to Benjaninja’s demonstration, the Stadia controller’s trigger buttons were not recognized, which could restrict the number of games playable using this method. Furthermore, the option to use the controller via Bluetooth was disabled. However, Google plans an update to “unlock” the controller, enabling users to use it normally on any device that supports Bluetooth.

Google’s Plan to Bring Bluetooth Support to Stadia Controllers

The gaming community has welcomed Google’s plan to bring Bluetooth support to Stadia controllers. As reported by 9to5Google, “it’s good to know that the Stadia controller may continue to have some utility in the future.

Chrome Unboxed reported that Google will work on bringing Bluetooth support to Stadia controllers, stating that “a solution will take time.” The site also noted that “the statement is based on the answers the company is providing to users who are raising the issue.”

The concern for Stadia controller owners is that their controllers will become obsolete once the service shuts down. However, with Google’s plan to bring Bluetooth support to the Stadia controllers, they will not become e-waste anytime soon.

Using a Wired Connection as an Alternative

While Stadia controller owners wait for Google’s update to enable Bluetooth support, they can continue to use their controllers via a wired connection. PCMag reported, “For now, a wired connection remains a functional alternative to ensure the controllers don’t become e-waste.”


In conclusion, the shutdown of Stadia has left many users wondering what will happen to their Stadia controllers. However, with Google’s plan to bring Bluetooth support to the controllers, they will not become obsolete anytime soon. While the update may take some time to arrive, Stadia controller owners can still use their controllers via a wired connection as a functional alternative. As GameSpot reported, “The good news is that the controller won’t be useless after the shutdown and will continue to work with other devices in the future.”


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