Google Search Server Error: “How many emojis on iOS” & “How many emojis on Apple” Trigger Technical Glitch”

Google Search users encountered a server error when attempting to search for specific phrases such as “how many emojis on iOS,” “how many emojis on Apple,” and “how many emojis on Windows.” The error resulted in a timeout, and users received a message stating that there had been an internal server error while processing their request. The issue was first reported by a YCombinator Hacker News user and was initially thought to impact only; it was later confirmed that it also affected

Reproducibility of the Issue by BleepingComputer

BleepingComputer, a technology news website, reproduced the issue on both Google search sites and the mobile app. It was observed that the search engine experienced server errors when processing the specific search terms without any quotes or punctuation. BleepingComputer reported the issue and reached out to Google to understand the root cause of the problem.

Google search crashes on searching for specific terms (BleepingComputer)

Possible Culprit of the Issue

A Reddit user, gottago_gottago, speculated that the culprit for the server error might be Searching for this domain directly in Google also resulted in a search crash. This led to further speculation that a specific webpage appearing in the search results was likely causing the error. Another user, llui85, compiled a list of phrases that triggered the problem on Google search.

Google Search Android App is Also Affected

Google search Android app also crashing (BleepingComputer)

The search engine issue was not limited to Google’s website but also affected the Google Search Android app. The server error resulted in a crash of the app when users attempted to search for specific phrases.

Importance of Continuous Monitoring and Testing

The incident highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and testing to identify and fix issues promptly. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, glitches and bugs can have significant consequences, making it crucial for companies to maintain the integrity of their systems.

The Resolved Issue

As of October 16th, the issue has been resolved. However, the archived links to the original article remain available for reference.


The glitch in Google search highlights the dependence of modern technology on complex systems that can sometimes fail. The incident underscores the importance of continuous monitoring and testing to identify and fix issues promptly. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, companies must maintain the integrity of their systems to avoid significant consequences.


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