Google Play Store Auto Archive: Free Up Storage and Keep Your Phone Organized

    Google’s Play Store has rolled out a super convenient way to free up storage space on your phone. It automatically hides apps you haven’t used in a while, making storage management a breeze.

    In the past, archiving apps was a chore. You could only do it when your phone ran out of space, which involved digging through settings. But now, Google has made it a piece of cake. You can activate the auto-archive feature whenever you want with a simple toggle. The best part? More users can benefit from this feature now.

    Mishaal Rahman on X and Assemble Debug on Telegram have spotted it becoming available to a broader audience. Go to your Play Store settings under the General section to find it.

    Smart Storage Management

    How does it work? Google’s auto app archive uses Android’s App Bundle format to send only the necessary files from your apps, saving bandwidth and space. Google claims it can reduce storage usage by up to 60% without losing data. When you reopen an archived app, your phone will fetch what it needs.

    Archived apps still appear on your home screen but with a small cloud icon, indicating they’re temporarily tucked away. Essential apps remain easily accessible.

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    Organized App Management

    Your archived apps are neatly stored in the Play Store’s “Manage apps & device” section under the “Manage” tab. They’ve even added an “Archived” filter for quick access. Google is gradually rolling out this auto-archive feature, with users already seeing it in Play Store versions 37.4 and 37.5.

    Google’s commitment to making life easier for smartphone users shines through in this update. You can manage your storage space effortlessly with the Play Store’s new auto archive feature. It’s like having a personal app organizer, ensuring your favorite apps are always at your fingertips.

    ( VIA androidpolice )

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